LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic announces new South Delta location!


We are excited to announce our seventh location in the Lower Mainland. LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic South Delta is now under construction and will open this May near the Tsawwassen Commons development, close to the new Staples location.

Please share this news with friends and family in the Delta and Tsawwassen area who might like to experience LIVE WELL to transform their health. Our exclusive one-time only Founding Memberships go on sale soon! We only sell 100 of them, it’s a one-day sale and you must be on our exclusive pre-opening promotion list to find out more. If you’d like to get on the list to make sure you do not miss this opportunity simply sign up by April 15, 2018.

Here is a bit about Sarah and Ryan, owners of LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic South Delta:


We have a personal family experience of how LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic can change lives. Ryan’s sister Kristin Visscher has been a member at the White Rock location for five years. The change in her health and life amazed us and drew our attention to LIVE WELL. It inspired us to jump at the opportunity to share LIVE WELL with people in our home community. This means we may have a part in helping our friends and neighbours have transformational life changes. How amazing is that!? The LIVE WELL staff find out what really matters to people, help them make big lifestyle changes, and the impact for them reaches far beyond their physical health. LIVE WELL can provide hope for the future, more enjoyment of life, renewed relationships, and self-love. There are few opportunities in business where that is the end result of your days’ work!

What led them to LIVE WELL?

We have been in business together for 15 years running a physiotherapy clinic in Delta. Ryan’s background is human kinetics and banking, and Sarah’s background is physiotherapy. We have both being active in sports and outdoor pursuits throughout our lives. We have four kids, now all school-aged who are very different from one another and from us, which helps us to be open minded, non-judgmental, and to challenge our ideas of the world. We are close to both of our families and that is who led us to LIVE WELL, as a Ryan’s sister is a LIVE WELL member and inspired our purchase of a the new South Delta location. Visit South Delta’s facebook page to watch her video testimonial about LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic.

How do they LIVE WELL?

Ryan is the cook in our family and keeps us living well with amazing tasty, nourishing food. Our family is exposed to many vegetables and legumes, different flavours and textures from around the world, and we enjoy sitting down together to laugh and share over a meal. When we get some time to unwind, we like to bike, walk, and work in the garden. We try to make the most of the seasons by engaging in some water sports in the summer and snow sports in the winter. Overall, we believe in work-life balance, enjoying rest, and making the most of every day.

How do they Find the Joy?

We have always had a dog, and our silly dog currently makes us laugh every day!

Welcome to the LIVE WELL family Sarah and Ryan!##

If you would like to learn more about our new South Delta location, or book a free Program Consultation, please email. Or visit their new facebook page.

The clinic is currently under construction and will open this May at #350 - 4949 Canoe Pass Way in Tsawwassen.

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