LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic expands to Ontario!


We are thrilled to begin our expansion outside of British Columbia and to introduce Lianne Ezer, owner of the latest location in the LIVE WELL family: Toronto-Yorkdale! Please share this news with friends and family in the Toronto area who might like to experience LIVE WELL to transform their health. Our exclusive one-time only Founding Memberships go on sale soon!

Here is a bit about Lianne, owner of LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic Yorkdale:


I decided to join LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic as I am passionate about using Exercise as Medicine which views exercise as a tool to manage and prevent health issues. LIVE WELL exemplifies this concept, as it provides safe, evidence-based exercise programs in a warm and welcoming environment. At LIVE WELL, members can celebrate each positive step they take towards leading healthier lifestyles. Even though each LIVE WELL member is working on their own customized exercise program, the group environment and healthy habit coaching make the exercise sessions enjoyable and meaningful. I am excited for the opportunity to directly impact people’s lives, by empowering them to make wholesome choices, and in turn, experience a superior quality of life. LIVE WELL members have overcome significant obstacles and challenges to become the best version of themselves. I could not think of a more rewarding and fulfilling career, than to motivate others to lead more joyful lives.

What led her to LIVE WELL?

After my MBA, I worked in the pharmaceutical industry, where I enjoyed working alongside physicians to promote health. During the last several years, I have been involved in property management and construction. While this has been gratifying, I was inspired to move into a career that would allow me to positively influence people’s lives through exercise. I experienced the concept of Exercise as Medicine first-hand after suffering severe back pain following the birth of my third daughter. I only recovered when I decided to adhere to an extensive strengthening routine. I began to realize that so many individuals I know struggle with chronic conditions, such as pain, high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure. Many of them are simply not getting the help that they require.

Alongside my husband, an anaesthesiologist and chronic pain physician, I became aware of the lack of resources for individuals with pre-existing chronic conditions. Those that would like to improve their health and prevent the onset of chronic disease, often feel intimidated to go to a big box gym, or even a group fitness class. They are often fearful that their conditions will be exacerbated by physical activity. After doing some research, we found LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic. We decided to open a location in Toronto, as we recognized the significant benefit a medically-supervised exercise program would provide to our community.

How does Lianne LIVE WELL?

I try to LIVE WELL by incorporating physical activity into my life whenever possible, and encouraging my kids and others to do the same. Even on days when I am super-busy, I will stop what I am doing and take a run around the block. In buildings, I will always take the stairs instead of the elevator. I also like to spend as much time as possible making my three daughters laugh. I enjoy going up north with my family, where we take long walks through the forest, swim, kayak and play on the beach.

How does Lianne Find the Joy?

When I was in my early teens, I liked to spend hours dancing in front of a mirror, which was right in front of a window. This was partly to get some exercise, and partly because I loved to dance. I used to make up very silly dance moves, thinking that nobody was watching me. Years later, after I had moved to a different house, I ran into an old neighbour, who mentioned that every time her family was in their kitchen, they had a direct view of me in the distance doing all my funny dance moves! I have imparted the joy of dance and silly moves on to my three girls. One of our favourite activities, especially on cold or rainy days, is to turn on loud music and have a dance party!

Welcome to the LIVE WELL family Lianne!##

If you would like to learn more about our new Yorkdale location in Toronto, or book a free Program Consultation, please email. Or visit their new facebook page.

The clinic is currently under construction and will open later this fall at Unit 104, 150 Bridgeland Avenue in Toronto.

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