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We are pleased to introduce Moshe as our Member of the Month for September. Moshe started his incredible journey at LIVE WELL Yorkdale in January 2018. As you read his story, we are certain he will inspire you with his enthusiasm and commitment!

I joined LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic Yorkdale because I really wanted to improve my mobility. I am out and about a lot during the day, but mostly driving in the car or sitting down. When I did walk, I usually moved slowly and tired quickly, so I wanted to improve my flexibility and strengthen my endurance for longer and more active walks and exercise.

One of the first things I learned at LIVE WELL is proper stretching techniques and how to use my muscles. I now know how to stretch and warm up before exercise and stretch and cool down afterward. It really makes the effort less painful so it encourages me to continue. I know that not only will I not be in pain, but I will feel better and more energized after exercising. I know that continuing to exercise and stretch on a regular basis is so important, so even when I can’t get to LIVE WELL, I know I can practice the moves at home.

I feel a lot better since joining LIVE WELL. I have more energy, I can walk and move and stretch for longer periods of time without feeling tired or sore. I feel like I have stronger muscles and I think my endurance is stronger too. Most importantly, I enjoy going to LIVE WELL and feel like I have accomplished something for myself. Plus, I always feel good after a session!

My advice to others new to exercise or to LIVE WELL, is to stick with it at the beginning. It’s not always easy but it’s worth it. I didn’t always want to make the effort to go to the clinic, especially on colder days. But I know that once I’m there, it’s good for my body and good for me too.

The staff at LIVE WELL Yorkdale are so nice and sincere and dedicated and they really get to know you and your body. It’s nice to know that the trainers and specialists really understand your special needs and issues and I really felt that they worked with me and what I needed. It’s not like at a traditional gym where they set up a routine and leave you on your own to figure it out, at LIVE WELL they work with YOU, encourage you and assess your strengths and weaknesses on a daily basis and it really made me feel like they knew what they were doing and so I feel more confident when I am there too.

Since I joined LIVE WELL I’m no longer out of breath all the time. I don’t need to nap as often. I drink more water and sleep better at night. I just feel more energetic and sometimes I feel younger and livelier. I am proud to say that I am feeling more energetic, stronger and more confident in my health and my body. I am most proud of doing something for myself knowing that as I my body grows older, I am feeling younger at heart.

Since joining I have absolutely stepped out of my comfort zone. I never thought I would be focused on strengthening my cardio. I can walk and even jog for longer periods without feeling out of breath. My new goals are to walk more in the summer, drive less locally and mostly be able to keep up with my energetic 8 grandchildren!

Member of the Month

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