SPARKS METHOD™ Regina North is opening soon!

By LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic

We are very excited to announce that LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic is opening in Saskatchewan as SPARKS METHOD™! The SPARKS METHOD™ was developed by LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic and helps you identify the spark you need to improve your health and lifestyle! SPARKS METHOD™ Regina North is currently under construction and will open in September!

Please share this news with friends and family in Regina, Saskatchewan who might be interested in joining SPARKS METHOD™ to improve their health and lifestyle. Early Bird Memberships are on sale now! For a limited time, you can purchase a discounted membership by clicking here:

Here is a little background about Brenda Yungwirth,, the new owner of SPARKS METHOD™ Regina North:


When I first saw SPARKS METHOD™ I knew it was something that I needed. Being diagnosed with several chronic conditions in the past few years, and considering my other risk factors (I lost both parents to heart disease), I recognized that if I want to be around to support my family and enjoy life to its fullest, I need to make some lifestyle changes. Change is really difficult; but the SPARKS METHOD™is a unique way to make the lifestyle changes I need in order to have the best quality of life now, and in the future to retirement. I believe I am not alone in wanting to improve my health and enjoy my life!

How do you light your SPARK?

Brenda has worked in both the public and private sectors of the healthcare field for several years, and identified a need in her community for a place where people could exercise in a safe and supervised environment without fear of judgement or injury.

Thanks for helping us grow the SPARKS METHOD™ family Brenda!

If you would like to learn more about our new Regina North location, or book a free Program Consultation, please email Brenda! The clinic is currently under construction and will open in September at 1804 9th Avenue N, Regina, Saskatchewan S4R 7T9 Stay tuned!

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