LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic is coming to North Vancouver!


We are very excited to announce that we are expanding to the North Shore. LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic North Vancouver is currently under construction and will open ithis fall! Please share this news with friends and family on the North Shore who might be interested in joining LIVE WELL to improve their health and lifestyle.

Our exclusive one-time only Founding Memberships go on sale soon!

We only sell 100 of them, it’s a one-day sale and you must be on North Vancouver’s exclusive pre-opening promotion list to find out more. If you’d like to get on the list to make sure you do not miss this opportunity don’t forget to sign up by Sept. 21, 2018.

Here is a little background about Kent Howie and Cindy Marrington, the new owners of LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic North Vancouver:


I have always been interested in sports and personal development. After graduating with a teaching degree specializing in elementary PE and graduate school in Adult Education, I spent my professional life working for the Provincial Government. I started in corrections working with youth then moved to hiring and training of staff. For the last 25 years I have worked in HR specializing in training and coaching both staff and management. I enjoyed this work, but my passion was in community volunteerism. I coached baseball and soccer for 12 years, also serving on the Lynn Valley Board for Soccer. I then became involved in the North Vancouver Youth Band as president which led to my more recent passion, developing beginning bands for adults interested in learning or returning to music. Championing people’s passion to go for their musical goals has been a focus and drive for many years. In fact, my initial plan after retirement was to open a music school specifically for this purpose.

During much of this time I was not always paying attention to my health and, after developing diabetes, I struggled until I was referred to a LIVE WELL Exercise clinic. Right from my first appointment I was impressed by LIVE WELL. I felt welcomed, included and supported and I had a sense of hope for success. I felt like I belonged here and many of my personal training beliefs were being put into action: concentrate on and celebrate progress and work past missteps. I was inspired by the people I saw working with and caring for the members and by the members themselves. I realized I wanted to be part of that.

How do you LIVE WELL?

I LIVE WELL by staying connected to my family and my community. I try to be a positive force in my endeavours and in my relationships. I believe that people sometimes do not see their own strengths and I want to help them see their capabilities and encourage them in their goals. Now I also go easier on myself, taking a more gradual and caring approach to living my life.

How do you Find the Joy (a LIVE WELL core value)?

I find the joy by keeping close ties with my family (who will be involved in our North Van LIVE WELL location with me, especially my wife of nearly 40 years, Cindy). I appreciate their support and enjoy their company in all things. I also play my trumpet daily. I have even taken my trumpet on most of my vacations and, like that travelling gnome, I have pictures of it in places such as Spain, Greece, Mexico and in the Andes. I continue to be involved with music by organizing and participating in adult beginning band, big band and concert bands I am constantly inspired by and find joy in associating with those who have reconnected with their inner musician. I especially find joy in seeing others achieve when given a little encouragement, where they thought they couldn’t or where they thought a part of their lives was behind them. Seeing (and hearing!) people start out so tentatively and then become increasingly passionate about their musical collaboration and mastery. Joy is knowing that I had a part in that. Now I am very excited to expand this experience of (re)discovery of the joys and benefits of exercise with LIVE WELL members!

Thanks for helping us grow the LIVE WELL family Kent and Cindy!

If you would like to learn more about our new North Van location, or book a free Program Consultation, please email Kent and Cindy. Don’t forget to get on their pre-promotions list.

The clinic is currently under construction and will open this fall in Lynn Valley Centre at #39-1199 Lynn Valley Road North Vancouver, British Columbia V7J 3H2. Stay tuned!

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