LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic North Delta is now open for business!


We are thrilled to announce our 13th location in the Lower Mainland. LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic North Delta at #150 - 12477 88th Avenue, Surrey, near the SmartCentre.

Please share this news with friends and family in the North Delta area who might like to experience LIVE WELL to transform their health. We are still offering our discounted Early-Bird Membership. Make sure make sure you do not miss this opportunity to learn more or purchase one.

Here is some information about Kim Aujla, the owner of LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic North Delta. This will be Kim’s second LIVE WELL location as she opened our Burnaby-Brentwood clinic last July.


My professional background is in sales. Before joining LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic I spent 15 years in the technology industry selling enterprise technology to business. In 2013 my eldest daughter was born, followed by my youngest in 2015. At this time I chose to step back from my career to raise my girls full time. I was very lucky to have this opportunity and thoroughly enjoyed every moment (except the sleepless nights!). After taking time off from my career to be with my kids, I knew my old life wasn’t going to cut it anymore. My previous career could no longer support my personal and family goals and no longer aligned with my core values. At this time I was keeping myself open to all possibilities and was ready to step outside of my comfort zone. I found out about LIVE WELL in 2016. In 2017 I signed on as a Franchise Partner. After doing lots of research, meeting the people inside the organization and being inside the clinics, I was sold! I wanted to take a chance, make a difference, contribute financially to my household and be a part of something innovative and inspiring. Most importantly, I wanted to lead by example for my daughters to show them how important it is to have dreams, set goals and take action to achieve them no matter how old you get! LIVE WELL has offered me all of these things and this is why I am so proud to have opened our first clinic in Burnaby.

Why open a second clinic?

I opened a second clinic because I know the value of the service we provide to people and the difference our program is making in the lives of our Members. As a company, we make sure that our actions and behaviours align with our cores values. Championing Potential, Finding the Joy and Being All In are the values we live by as a team, as individuals and as a community. For me, the LIVE WELL Brand represents positivity, hope, community and never quitting on yourself. This is why I am a proud owner of two clinics!

Interesting Fact:

Something interesting that I want my future clinic members to know is that I found out about LIVE WELL through my physician because I was seeking out a way to get back to a healthier and stronger “me” after pregnancy and kids. When I learned more about the LIVE WELL program I loved the concept and the people so much that I knew very quickly this was a business I wanted to be involved with and that there was a need for it!

How does Kim Find the Joy?

I am inspired by all of our Members. When a person joins LIVE WELL as a Member they are making the decision to change. Change can be difficult and uncomfortable. Change can make people nervous and scared. Breaking the chains of habits formed over a lifetime and being kind to yourself are tough tasks to accomplish for many. My clinical team and I get the privilege to witness these incredible accomplishments frequently. We get to know our Members and we get to know their stories. Their accomplishments become very personal and this is what inspires me the most. Quitting smoking, losing weight, being able to shower without being seated, reducing A1C levels, playing with grandchildren, getting off of medications, completing the Sun Run, gaining independence, getting blood pressure under control, feeling healthier and happier…. The list of wins goes on. Cardiologists, Nurses and Pharmacists are key healthcare professionals who are starting to communicate to us through our Members that they are seeing positive health outcomes with their patients (our Members). Our Members are champions who face their fears with bravery and courage and show us that we all have the power to achieve our goals and live our best lives. When I need inspiration, I just go to work !

Thanks for helping us grow the LIVE WELL family Kim!

If you would like to learn more about our new North Delta location, book a free Program Consultation with us! Call 778.900.8124, email or visit our Facebook page

The clinic is located at #150 - 12477 88th Avenue, Surrey, BC, V3W 1P8.

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