Join the thousands of people who have transformed their health and lifestyle through our powerful exercise and health-coaching program.


 Annual Membership: $199/month 

We believe in making our registration process simple and straight forward, so you won't find any hidden costs or fees - everything is included in your LIVE WELL Membership.

With your membership you get a lot of value:

  • A health coach to support and lead you to develop healthy habits 
  • Access to your online membership portal where you will receive weekly education on a variety of healthy habits from nutrition to stress management.
  • Access to your healthy habits online planner 
  • A customized exercise program tailored to your personal health and fitness goals, supervised by a Clinical Exercise Physiologist;
  • 2 one-hour exercise sessions per week in a small group (12) of people who share the common goal to LIVE WELL;
  • Ongoing monitoring of your healthy vitals if needed (blood pressure, blood sugars, heart rate etc.);
  • Communication with your doctor about your health and progress;
  • Fitness assessments and adjustments to your exercise program as you progress, plus a full reassessment every 6 months (at no additional charge);
  • A non-judgemental, welcoming community that offers a fun, social and inspiring experience.


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