LIVE WELL is not a gym. We are a medical fitness clinic, focussing on safe and effective programs that improve your health and wellness. All of our evidence-based programs are designed by exercise clinicians to prevent or manage health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity. At LIVE WELL, many of our members are referred to us by their family doctors, and we keep in regular touch with their doctor to keep them up to date on our members' progress and any changes to their health. We also closely monitor you before, during and after exercise by taking your pulse, doing blood pressure readings, or measuring your blood glucose levels if necessary. We know what exercises to avoid if you have high blood pressure, the best exercises for people with diabetes, and how to begin to exercise again after a heart attack, for example. You will not find this kind of of healthcare expertise, clinical supervision and individual attention at a regular gym.

Yes!  LIVE WELL is the perfect place for you, in fact, as most of our members are just like you!  We don't care whether you are overweight, are struggling with a health condition or if you haven't exercised in years. At LIVE WELL, you will fit in. We can help you get started being more active.  Your program will make you feel safe and will be realistic to where you are at today!  We will help you succeed and even have fun while doing it!  

There is a movement in health care today calling for physical activity and healthy behaviour changes to be an integral part of how we manage and prevent health condiitons - this movement is founded on the research that proves that exercise is medicine. Doctors are now starting to prescribe exercise to their patients, just as they would a medication or therapy, and to refer patients to clinically-trained exercise professionals to increase their activity levels. Studies have shown that for many conditions, regular exercise may be as or more effective than medications, with fewer side effects. In today's world, we have become so sedentary and inactive that chronic diseases are becoming widespread. In fact, the WHO (World Health Organization) has declared inactivity as a pandemic!  At LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic, we encourage a healthy, active lifestye for all Canadians.  This is at the heart of what we do. We are passionate advocates and believe in championing your potential to live a healthier life. 

Exercise is a powerful medicine.  Regular exercise at the right intensity can:

  • Reduce the risk of heart disease by 40%;
  • Reduce the incidence of high blood pressure by almost 50%;
  • Lower the risk of stroke by 27%;
  • Reduce the incidence of diabetes by almost 50%;
  • Improve depression, anxiety and stress levels;
  • Reduce the risk of developing 13 cancers;
  • Improve cognition and is a good treatment of alzheimer's and dementia;
  • Reduce the severity of sleep apnea;
  • Decrease the pain and stiffness associated to osteoarthritis.

Exercise and good nutrition can be very helpful to cardiac rehabilitation, but different heart conditions require different approaches to exercise.  This is why LIVE WELL customizes your program and tailors it based on your specific medical history and heart condition.  Our primary goal at LIVE WELL is that your exercise program be safe and appropriate for you.  We start off low and move slow.  You will be supervised at our clinic and we will communicate with your doctor or cardiologist to keep him or her apprised of your progress and condition. Our Heart Strong program would be the right fit for you.

At LIVE WELL we create a custom program for you that suits your body, strengths, fitness level and addresses any health issues you may have.  You will work on your individual program in our clinic at the same time as others like you are working on their own programs in the same space. Why?  We know that a fun, social and inspiring experience keeps our members happy and coming back.
At the end of every 1-hour exercise session, you will do a group cool and stretch. Over time, you will get to know other members, share wins and become part of the community. Most of our members find exercising with other people who share a common philosophy and goal to be supportive and motivating! Research has shown that working out in a group dramatically increases your chance of success and sticking to your exercise regime.

At LIVE WELL we try to make it easy for our members to change their lifestyles. We make it motivating (and even a little fun!), and we get results. With your membership you get a lot of value:

-a customized exercise program tailored to your personal health and goals;

-2 exercise sessions per week with a group of other people who share the common goal to LIVE WELL;

-ongoing monitoring of your health vitals (blood pressure, blood sugars, heart rate etc.);

-communication with your doctor about your health and progress;

-healthy-habit coaching;

-fitness assessments and adjustments to your exercise program as you progress plus a reassessment every 6 months;

-lifestyle education

Try one of our free Program Consultations if you would like to learn more!

Simply book a Program Consultation with us and we will take care of the rest!  We want this to be simple and easy for you to get started.

The Program Consultation is an opportunity for you to tour our clinic, see what we do and learn more about the program and how it will benefit your health.  You will meet for one hour with a clinical exercise physiolgist who will be able to answer any questions and will ask you about your current lifestyle, your medical and exercise history and your goals. There is no charge for this appointment.


We offer Program Consultations to people who think they might be interested in joining us at LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic. You come into one of our clinics for an hour where we  learn about your health history, discuss your personal health and fitness goals, and start to determine what a program might look like for you,. You also get a chance to see our clinic in action, then decide if our program is right for you, and determine a schedule for your workouts. No work is required for the Program Consultation and it is free!  Book yours today!

You do not have to have your doctor's referral.  With your permission, we will send reports to your doctor so they know your progress and improvements along the way!  

Our members sign up for two sessions a week (for the inspired) or three sessions per week (for the devoted).  We run sessions from morning until evening, 5-6 days per week (*clinic schedules vary slightly between locations*). You can sign up and move around your sessions using our online scheduling sytsem. Just pick a time that works for you.  Contact your local clinic for exact session times and availability.

Just wear comfortable clothing and running shoes. That's all you need.

Our members receive a customized exercise program, health-coaching and two supervised exercise sessions a week. Our 1-Year Membership costs $199 per month and there are no hidden costs or initiation fees. A LIVE WELL membership costs less than a personal trainer and is an investment in yourself and your healthy future! If you are interested in learning more, try one of our free Program Consultations.

Clinical Exercise Physiologist (CEP)
Your CEP is a highly skilled and trained, university-educated healthcare professional who has a specialized post-graduate certification from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). LIVE WELL's CEPs are at the centre of creating your personalized lifestyle plan and facilitating your exercise program. Areas of expertise you can expect from your CEP are: exercise, nutrition, healthy habit formation and health education.

Joy Masters
Every exercise session is monitored by one of our Joy Masters who is an Exercise Professional who works with your CEP to deliver a well-rounded program. Our Joy Masters are knowledgeable in demonstrating exercises, adjusting exercise prescriptions, performing progress assessments, and other various clinical tasks (blood pressure readings, blood glucose measurements, oxygen saturation levels, etc).  They will also make your exercise sessions fun, social and inspiring!

No, we are not a regular gym so this isn't the right place for you. We are a medical fitness clinic and all of our members have health conditions or are trying to prevent them. Many have never exercised before in their life!  We will happily refer you to another gym that would better suit your needs.

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