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The Poundemic: Shifting the Conversation Around Weight Loss

canfitpro Jul 23, 2021

Almost half of all Canadians experienced weight gain over COVID. As our provinces are re-starting and re-opening, we are going to gain members who are focused on weight loss. As fitness professionals, it is our responsibility to support and guide our members while also providing evidence-based programming, information, and tools.   
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It is NEAT to MOVE

canfitpro Jun 21, 2021

When we look back on the pandemic and how it affected our physical and mental health, we will be able to gather a great amount of insight to understand how and why we move.  This is evident in what happened when the world entered lockdown in March 2020, and we took NEAT out of our lives – and how we can help our members and clients put it back in.  
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Fitness facilities welcome back public

Global News Jun 19, 2021

Sara Hodson, from the Fitness Industry Council of B.C., explains how the industry is welcoming the public back to high-intensity fitness facilities across the province.
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COVID-19: Fitness facilities ready to get into high gear with B.C. restart plan

Vancouver Sun May 29, 2021

After the B.C. government announced a restart plan last week, the phone has been ringing off the hook, said LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic President and CEO Sara Hodson.
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B.C. restart plan brings new hope to fitness industry, South Surrey leader says

Surrey Now - Leader May 27, 2021

“The U.K. is reporting that group fitness is back 600 per cent – this is a massive increase,” Hodson said. “People are flocking back to fitness. We see that fitness in B.C. will be a thriving industry in two, three, six months from now.”
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The Future of Fitness in Canada

canfitpro May 14, 2021

Together we will move. The last 14 months have proven something fundamental to Canadians. Our health has never been more important. Health is wealth.  And it is the only currency we need.   
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Ottawa being pushed to create a fitness tax credit

iPOLITICS Apr 12, 2021

Diabetes Canada, Heart & Stroke and the Canadian Cardiovascular Society also all endorse the idea of allowing Canadians to shave exercise membership costs off their tax bill. “We are thrilled to have these health advocates on board,” Sara Hodson, the Fitness Industry Council’s federal advocacy lead, said in a press release in late March.
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Debate over ‘vaccine passports’ heats up in B.C. business community

Global News Mar 14, 2021

“I don’t think it’s the role of the fitness industry to necessarily dictate what the consumer needs to provide in order to enter our facilities, it really is our national mandate from the Fitness Industry Council of Canada to get people physically active,” Sara Hodson with LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic said.
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Semiahmoo Peninsula fitness pros leading charge on tax-deductible gym memberships

Peace Arch News Mar 05, 2021

LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic CEO Sara Hodson pitched idea to deputy prime minister.
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A Day in the Life: The Art of Living Well

Franchise Canada Jan 04, 2021

Community and staff engagement spell success for Vancouver-based LIVE WELL franchisee Kent Howie.
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Exercise tips for people with Type II diabetes Nov 20, 2020 spoke to Sara Hodson, a clinical exercise physiologist and the CEO of Live Well Exercise clinics, to get tips on how people diagnosed with Type II diabetes can start exercising.
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This “anti-gym” is changing attitudes about exercise for Burnaby residents

Burnaby Now Sep 12, 2019

LIVE WELL is a medical fitness clinic that’s built on the belief that exercise is medicine.
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A new medical clinic in Regina is prescribing fitness to combat chronic health problems.

Global News Regina Sep 10, 2019

SPARKS METHOD™, a medical fitness clinic, opened its doors in Regina on September 9th. Its goal is to use exercise and healthy lifestyle coaching to help clients manage and prevent chronic diseases.
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Exercise clinic focused on chronic conditions opening in Regina

Regina Leader Post Sep 08, 2019

While raising her family, Brenda Yungwirth put her children first and her own health last, but as she aged and became aware she was at risk for heart disease, she knew that needed to change.
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How to start a new fitness routine

Weight Watchers Sep 06, 2019

Sometimes we just need to mix things up, so for advice on how to start a new fitness routine, we turned to Sara Hodson, founder and CEO of Live Well, a Vancouver-based exercise clinic concept. She breaks her advice down into five simple steps.
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Keeping Up with the Boomers

Franchise Canada Magazine Apr 22, 2019

Tory Brooks-Hill and Andrew Taylor, owners of LIVE WELL Vancouver locations in East Van and Kerrisdale, are featured in this article about being in the business of caring for seniors
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LIVE WELL CFO named one of B.C.'s Most Influential Women in Finance

BC Business Mar 07, 2019

LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic CFO Morna Creedon Sileika was honoured as one BC's most influential women in Corporate & Entrepreneurship
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LIVE WELL Founder & CEO Makes 40 Under Forty list

Business In Vancouver Dec 04, 2018


A first in the fitness industry, Canadian fitness brand LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic has proven what many medical professionals have said for years: that many chronic conditions can be treated more effectively with exercise than medication.
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Canadian company proves exercise is a miracle drug

Globenewswire Nov 22, 2018

Gym members see significant reductions in blood pressure, weight within 6 months of joining powerful exercise and healthy lifestyle coaching program
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In a tight labour market, employers need to step up hiring practices

Globe & Mail Oct 30, 2018

Founder and president Sara Hodson on LIVE WELL'S new in-house training course for kinesiology grads to groom them to become certified clinical exercise physiologists to coach members inside LIVE WELL clinics.
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Research matters - make sure you nail down your small business niche

Globe & Mail Oct 01, 2018

Entrepreneur John DeHart, whose latest venture is LIVE WELL Exercise Clinics, continues to analyze the market and his competition to find new products and services that will help the business grow.
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Buying an established business? There are right and wrong ways to do a deal

Globe & Mail Oct 01, 2018

When John and Gayla DeHart bought into LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic, they did their research and were attracted by the company's raving fans: numerous, happy and recurring customers with memberships to the gyms.
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LIVE WELL'S prescription for a better life Jul 05, 2018

LIVE WELL President and Founder Sara Hodson got the idea for her chain of clinics while working in cardiac rehab. To increase access to exercise for these types of patients and others, she opened her first LIVE WELL clinic in 2011, the first of its kind in Canada.
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Road to wellness starts with medical prescriptions for exercise

Vancouver Sun Jun 22, 2018

BC's former heatlh minister and retired doctor credits LIVE WELL with helping shift her sedentary lifestyle
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Head to the gym to head off depression

Toronto Sun Jun 15, 2018

“We have many members who came to us suffering from depression and anxiety who have been able to reduce or get off anti-depressants and get their lives back on track via regular exercise,” says Sara Hodson, founder and president of LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic.
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The doctor sent me. The community keeps me

Kerrisdale Insider Jun 09, 2018

Individuals with chronic health conditions can exercise in a fun and safe way at LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic Kerrisdale (pg. 14)
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Interview with CEO Sara Hodson Jun 02, 2018

Founder and President Sara Hodson on why she started the company, the secret sauce behind LIVE WELL'S culture and how LIVE WELL is different from its competitors
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Marathon Walk Star

IMPACT Magazine May 11, 2018

Surrey’s Ted Myrah walks away from depression, diabetes and obesity thanks to LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic
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Interview with Sara Hodson, Founder of LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic

What She Said Radio Apr 23, 2018

Broadcasters Christine Bentleyand Kate Wheeler on How Canada’s LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic uses #exerciseasmedicine to prevent and treat chronic disease, with founder Sara Hodson.
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Some people must work out to save their lives. Why are gyms failing them?

The Globe & Mail Mar 30, 2018

Traditional gyms aren’t designed with people with chronic conditions in mind. But LIVE WELL strives to meet the needs of those who may not feel welcome at commercial gyms by delivering evidence-based exercise programs specific to each individual’s condition.
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Anti-gym for baby boomers opens in Surrey today

The Surrey Now-Leader Feb 22, 2018

Expanding Surrey-born company is brainchild of city’s 2017 Business Person of the Year, Sara Hodson
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Nurse Next Door Co-Founder Wants to Avoid These Mistakes with His Next Venture: LiVE WELL Exercise Clinic

Globe & Mail Nov 13, 2017

How John DeHart is applying the lessons he learned growing his first business to his new venture LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic.
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Exercise Clinic Boss Named Surrey's Business Person of the Year

The Surrey Now-Leader Nov 02, 2017

Sara Hodson of LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic and others celebrated at annual gala hosted by Surrey Board of Trade
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This successful healthcare entrepreneur shares 5 simple steps to a happier, healthier life

Inc. Magazine Aug 11, 2017

LIVE WELL co-founder John DeHart is interviewed about building healthy habits in himself, and in his customers
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Sweat and equity: Franchises on the rise among Canadian investors

Globe & Mail Aug 06, 2017

LIVE WELL'S John DeHart talks about why he has franchised his companies.
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Strike a Pose: Yoga can have heart benefits

The Heart Monitor Jul 01, 2017

LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic's medical director Dr. Ali Zentner was interviewed on why yoga can help reduce stress and lower your blood pressure.
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New prescription: take two walks and call me tomorrow

Finanical Post Jun 28, 2017

LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic is a combination of founder Sara Hodson’s passion for exercise and health, and serial entrepreneur and co-founder John DeHart ‘s franchising know-how
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Exercise is Medicine

Best Health Magazine May 01, 2017

According to some experts, fitness can cure much of what ails us. Read on for your prescription for a longer, happier, healthier life
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Exercise can be the best medicine

Langley Times Apr 04, 2017

Dubbed the anti-gym, LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic opens in Langley, offering customized fitness created by exercise physiologists
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Riding a wave of fitness

The Mar 19, 2017

Traditional gyms catering to fitness-focused Millennials are a dime a dozen, but Langley now has an innovative new boutique gym for boomers trying to stave off aging
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LIVE WELL in Abbotsford isn’t your ordinary gym

The Feb 17, 2017

LIVE WELL Abbotsford’s focus is healthy habit formation and making sustainable lifestyle changes.
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Gym for seniors

Retirement Ready Magazine Jan 31, 2017

LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic founder and president Sara Hodson talks about using exercise as medicine to fight aging in the Lower Mainland. Turn to page 41.
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Exercise can be as powerful as medication

Abbotsford News: Jan 13, 2017

LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic Abbotsford owner Julie Elliott wrote an article in The Pulse health supplement, about using exercise as medicine. (Click to page 10 to read how good exercise can be for your body.)
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Fifteen essential money tips for your business

Globe & Mail Jan 05, 2017

LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic co-founder John DeHart is featured in this article on tips to manage your company's cash flow.
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Why you should seek a mentee

Globe & Mail Dec 22, 2016

LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic co-founder John DeHart writes about how professional growth and great business opportunities can come from  giving your time to mentor young entrepreneurs.
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LIVE WELL Co-founder John DeHart interviewed on Mornings with Martin Strong

Roundhouse Radio Nov 02, 2016

LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic co-founder John DeHart talking about entrepreneurship and how he likes to invest in companies - like LIVE WELL - that change people's lives for the better!
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Tips for staying fit and healthy after 60

Novus TV Nov 01, 2016

LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic was profiled by Novus TV. Watch Founder Sara Hodson talk about how to stay active and healthy as you age  
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LIVE WELL Founder Sara Hodson interviewed on Mornings with Martin Strong

Roundhouse Radio Oct 20, 2016

LIVE WELL founder and president Sara Hodson chatted with Martin Strong, morning host of Roundhouse Radio, 98.3 FM about how exercise is medicine.
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The key's to mastering your business's cash flow

Globe & Mail Oct 03, 2016

LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic co-founder John DeHart offers tips on how small businesses can best manage cash flow
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Entrepreneur of the Year 2016: Healthcare Services

BC Business Sep 30, 2016

LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic co-founder, John DeHart, won the prestigious award for his previous venture, Nurse Next Door Home Care Services.
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'Do something daring,' says serial entrepreneur

Business in Vancouver Sep 29, 2016

“Why you do what you do is just as important as making money,” says John DeHart,  co-founder, LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic and Nurse Next Door.
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Physical health starts with a mindset

DAIMANUEL.COM Sep 23, 2016

LIVE WELL founder and president Sara Hodson shares her expert tips on getting healthier and becoming less sedentary
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Interview with Sara Hodson, founder of LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic

Clearfacts Entrepreneur Series Jul 07, 2016

My plan was always to open multiple locations. We opened in Surrey in 2011 and pretty quickly filled the space, so I opened another location close by. We soon had so many members coming from Vancouver, I decided to open a clinic there.
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This ‘anti-gym’ helps people stick to doctor-prescribed exercise plans, with amazing results

National Post Jun 17, 2016

“People don’t come in excited by exercise. Most people come in to us having remotely exercised in their life, or having never exercised in their life.” Sara Hodson’s solution was to create a business that married fun, motivational exercise, with highly supervised tracking of clients’ medical progress.
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Studies underline economic benefits of healthy aging

Business In Vancouver Mar 29, 2016

“What’s good for the economy is good for the body and good for the environment,” said Dr. Ali Zentner, medical director at LIVE WELL Exericse Clinic. “For example, this country only spends 10% of its health-care dollars on prevention, but the average Canadian spends the last decade of his or her life suffering from some form of chronic disease.”
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‘They set their minds to it, and they did it’

Peace Arch News Jan 26, 2016

A lot of us set goals to improve fitness and lose weight in the new year. But a group of Lower Mainland residents have been backing up such talk with action, with the help of South Surrey’s LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic.  Read the story....
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Demand rising for health-focused weight loss

Vancouver Sun Jan 16, 2016

People who are obese or super-obese face multiple obstacles to weight loss. Metro Vancouver doctors are referring patients to LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic for exercise sessions, nutritional advice and regular health monitoring — including blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar tests that can be reported back to the referring family doctor.
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Walking for Health

Global Weekend News Hour at 6 p.m Dec 06, 2015

A group of dedicated LIVE WELL members are featured on the Vancouver suppertime news as they train in preparation to head to Hawaii to fulfill a major goal: walking the Honolulu Marathon.  Watch the video!
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Innovative Initiative Aims to Bolster Female-Led Canadian Companies

Huffington Post Nov 18, 2015

LIVE WELL President Sara Hodson was shortlisted to receive business funding and support thanks to hundreds of Canadian women who have decided to take an active role in levelling the entrepreneurial playing field for their female peers. Read more...
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2015 Radical Generosity Venture Finalists Announced (Top 29)

SheEO Nov 13, 2015

LIVE WELL President Sara Hodson was shortlisted in a competition for female entrepreneurs vying to win financial support and mentoring to push their business to the next level. Read more...
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Local entrepreneur recognized by national magazine

Peace Arch News May 26, 2015

  Peninsula entrepreneur Sara Hodson has been lauded by a nation-wide business magazine for her specialized health and fitness program, launched in White Rock in 2011. Read more...
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2015's Rising Stars

PROFIT/Chatelaine W100 Ranking of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs May 21, 2015

LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic President Sara Hodson was named a Rising Star among entrepreneurs to watch in this national list of 10 “impressive businesswomen with incredible companies.”  Read more...  
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Finding the strength to change her life

Peace Arch News Sep 24, 2014

But with a lot of training and a support found at LIVE WELL, this Newton mother of two completed a five-race. And now, she’s getting back into training mode for this year’s annual walk/run event 80 pounds lighter.  Read more...
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Cardiologist coming to the Peninsula

Peace Arch News May 07, 2014

Dr. Jiao Yang will be working with the team at Live Well Medical and Exercise Clinic in South Surrey’s Windsor Square focusing on her sub-speciality in cardiac rehab and prevention.  Read more...
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You need a doctor's referral to visit this gym

Breakfast Television Vancouver Apr 09, 2013

BT Vancouver’s Live Eye Host Dawn Chubai  spends a morning at LIVE WELL Exercise & Medical Clinic to learn why exercise IS medicine for those living with diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Watch the video!
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White Rock woman’s goal to thrive

Peace Arch News Jun 20, 2012

White Rock woman turned to the Live Well Exercise Clinic, where she was able to build her strength for daily activities, as well as the 9th Annual Relay for Life at Centennial Park, despite her cancer.  Read more...
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