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We want to see our members enjoy life, run around the yard with their grandchildren, and most importantly, feel great about themselves.

Many people with health issues avoid exercise - often for very good reasons. But in truth, exercise will help you feel better and allow you to live a fuller, richer life. We realize how easy it is for exercise to fall to the bottom of your list, and we can help you make it a priority again.

Helping you live a happier and healthier life is our reason for being.  We realize that each person is unique and your wellness program needs to be carefully designed for you: there is no a one-size-fits-all solution. Do you want to be healthier, and happier too? Exercise is medicine and it has proven results. We want to help you LIVE WELL, to maximize your health, in spite of your medical issues.


LIVE WELL was founded on the belief that exercise is the best medicine.

Sara Hodson is the heart behind LIVE WELL.  She is passionate about exercise and health care, and created LIVE WELL with a powerful purpose: to help improve the health of people who have chronic and even multiple, health conditions.

Determined to find a way to support and motivate people with obesity, heart disease, and diabetes or anyone wanting to prevent chronic disease, Sara launched her first medical fitness clinic in the White Rock/ South Surrey community (the first of its kind in Canada).  Sara took a risk, and her concept was a hit – LIVE WELL's mix of inspirational coaching, clinical oversight and individualized attention started to attract participants from as far away as Vancouver.

Because people were investing in a 90-minute return drive from Vancouver to exercise at her White Rock clinic, Sara knew she needed to launch a second location in Vancouver, so our Kerrisdale location opened its doors in 2013.  At the same time, Sara’s White Rock location had a growing wait-list, so another clinic was built at Windsor Square in 2014, just a few blocks away from the original White Rock location, so that participants didn’t have to wait to start improving their health

Sara's proudest moments happen when she walks into one of her clinics and a member shares his or her story: how LIVE WELL has changed their health and their lives, by making them stronger, healthier and happier. Many of LIVE WELL's members are raving fans. Here is what some have to say:

I am the fittest and healthiest I’ve been in my life. I get a level of support I would not get at a community gym. At LIVE WELL there is no chance of being overlooked. They hold you accountable to yourself and to them. And they are on top of your medical challenges.

Ted Myrah, 63, White Rock

It's probably the BEST nickel I have spent on myself ever. The benefit of attending the program are beyond my wildest dreams. The things that I have “lost”...I have really “found” – and that is myself. Win-win.

Thank you again to the LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic team. You’re the best."


My improved health has enabled me to contribute more energy to my family and pursue a more active life. I can physically play with my grandchildren and have more stamina in my daily existence. My mental and emotional health have been positively impacted directly as a result of improved exercise and diet. I have been learning to take care of myself.