Motion is life. Motion is health. Motion is magic.


LIVE WELL was founded on a friendship.


Friendship is a powerful asset. I may be willing to let myself down, but I’m not willing to let my friend down. I’ll bet you are the same way.


In 2010, Sara Hodson had her fourth child and was struggling to maintain her exercise routine, so she reached out to her friend, Tasha McRae, a fellow Clinical Exercise Physiologist who was also a busy mom.


Exercising together made it easier and a lot more fun.

They lost weight.

They gained energy.

They began living life relaxed, refreshed, and with a smile.


Sara realized other people need those things, too.


Sara and Tasha had been working together in a hospital-based cardiac rehabilitation program for years, so they understood the power of a supportive community to help people maintain good exercise habits.


People within the supportive community of the hospital rehab program would maintain their exercise regimens as long as that community existed, but those healthy new habits soon disappeared when they left the cardiac rehab program.


Sara said, “I know how to fix that.”


Tasha said, “I’ll help.”


The dream of LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic sprang to life while those two friends exercised together in Sara’s living room. Their concept quickly moved beyond just heart disease to encompass the full range of chronic conditions, providing accountability, joyful community, and clinical exercise expertise to help members live their lives to the fullest.


Sara now serves as Founder and CEO.

Tasha is Director of Brand & Culture.


Sara and Tasha invite you to be their guest for a free session as the LIVE WELL exercise clinic nearest you.


You will lose weight.

You will gain energy.

You will sleep more restfully.

You will begin living life relaxed, refreshed, and with a smile.


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