Health Education

Knowledge is Power


The internet and social media are full of quick fixes, exercise regimens, and fad diets that promise to revolutionize your health, yet all of these programs vary and many contradict each other. Who are we to believe? Having access to quality evidence-based health education is important when you are trying to make lifestyle changes. At LIVE WELL,  we believe not only in providing evidence-based health education through our weekly LIVE WELL lessons we also know you need a way to implement the information provided. Our health habit coaching program helps our members use the information they learn and turn it into actionable steps for better health. From exercise and eating to sleep habits, we’ve got you covered. 


If you are tired of fads and quick fixes and you are looking for quality health and fitness education programs delivered by qualified health professionals, we invite you to Be Our Guest and come to a free exercise session with a program customized for you. 


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