By Member of the Month

We are so happy to introduce you to Yvonne, our July Member of the Month! She is a member at LIVE WELL South Delta and we are so glad she decided to give LIVE WELL a try. Congratulations on 300 sessions and your amazing WINS!!

I was not looking for a gym and had actually made a personal policy of never paying for exercise - why pay when you can go for a walk? But that policy wasn’t working well for me since I had many aches and pains, was feeling wobbly and just couldn’t lose the weight I wanted to. So I was surprised when I opened the Vancouver Sun one morning and saw an article about a new clinic that had opened in Vancouver founded by Sara and Tasha, but also then involving a doctor known for her work with obese patients who I had seen at a talk recently.

As a chronically obese person all my life, weight loss has been quite difficult for me so I often just ignored it. But life was catching up with me and I thought I would give LIVE WELL a try. I googled it and - low and behold! - there was a new one opening up soon in my neighbourhood. It was a sign!

I joined the Tsawwassen LIVE WELL location when it opened in August 2018 and have never looked back. I just passed my 300th session and I always feel good when I come, especially at the end of the session. The ‘Joy Masters’ are all amazing and I have met so many other wonderful fellow exercisers. I could not have continued to come without all of them who are so encouraging and fun. They certainly have changed my mind about paying for exercise.

With LIVE WELL I have lost weight, feel much stronger, gone down several clothes sizes and now look forward to my thrice weekly sessions. I’ve also added daily walks and bike rides, and my eating and cooking is much healthier. And best of all, my husband joined me at LIVE WELL so now we both feel the benefits!

I can honestly say that Live Well saved my health and sanity over the past few years and especially during COVID. Coming to the in-person or online sessions definitely helped us weather this crazy year. I am so thankful for this program and recommend it to everyone looking for a gym that’s not a gym.

Member of the Month
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