Like Father Like Daughter

By LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic

We know how important it is for parents to model healthy habit change for their kids.

Even if their kids are grandparents too!

This is what happened to LIVE WELL member Karen last fall, when her Dad Ed joined the North Vancouver LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic. “He inspired me to get fit and look after my health because he set the ball in motion,” says Hammel. “My dad has always been an inspiration all my life. We call him ‘Steady Eddie’ in our family because of his steady commitment!”


Ed, 88, has been active throughout his life through sports - from tennis, golf and curling to badminton. But, as he gets older “I am slowing down - my knees aren’t good. I have a walker to get around, and I couldn’t get out on the golf course.” Through word of mouth, he heard about LIVE WELL and decided to give it a go - after six months, he has lost eight pounds, his balance has increased and he has seen marked improvements in many other areas.”

Ed has also formed friendships with the other LIVE WELL members, and his positivity was contagious. “He had such positive things to say about LIVE WELL, it gave me the nudge I needed to LIVE WELL. Karen has been having age-related issues - her physician had told her she needed to exercise to reduce her blood pressure, and to improve her glucose levels.


After only a few months, she has noticed the effect the routine has on her life. “I feel more energetic, and it has become a part of my routine! I feel motivated to take care of myself and I don’t even mind building up a sweat in the cardio because I know the good it is doing!”

Karen is more flexible, her blood pressure readings are normal and she has a big motivator: keeping up with her baby granddaughter Chloe!


Both Ed and Karen say the LIVE WELL staff keep them motivated and inspired to keep coming to their session. “I found the mainstream gyms very intimidating,” says Karen. “The LIVE WELL staff are involved and they care - they give you little motivating messages and information in your session to keep you interested.”

Exercise is a family affair, and though they don’t exercise together, Karen is grateful her Dad made the decision to join LIVE WELL and they get to share the experience and see the benefits in each other. “We call each other and ask how our sessions went that day, who was there, if we did a new exercise. “We are a close knit family, and it is wonderful seeing Dad look at her health and well-being.”

“Exercise is something everyone needs. When you get into your 80s, your mobility can become restricted,” says Ed. “Give it a try! ”

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