By Member of the Month

We are so excited to introduce you to Louise, our LIVE WELL Member of the Month! We feel honoured to support you on your health journey. Thank you for sharing the joy you’ve found in exercise and inspiring us to celebrate and enjoy the little things that we can be grateful for!

Before joining LIVE WELL, I was concerned about chronic breathing issues I have and how I could improve my health as I aged. I belong to an online support group and one member suggested LIVE WELL as a way of keeping healthy through a personal assessment and workout plan. I googled the clinic; because it was not yet opened, and to my delight it offered exactly what I was looking for.

I decided to join LIVE WELL because it’s excellent reputation preceded itself. I needed a personalized health program geared to my needs and illness and a venue that was comforting and non judgemental of my abilities. It has exceeded all these expectations.

It has been encouraging to see physical changes in my arms and legs. I have muscle! I’m slowly returning to my pre-COVID weight and others are mentioning these changes which puts a smile on my face! The biggest changes since joining are that I have seen an increase in my stamina and strength and a commitment to improving my health. I’ve realized that not only must I exercise to keep healthy, I actually love to exercise. It’s not a chore!!

Where would I be without LIVE WELL? I’d be napping a lot with deteriorating health issues. Instead I’m committed to improving my health, spending a few hours with new friends and enjoying life!

Being able to do the little things in your daily routine is the greatest gift my health has given me. You don’t miss it until you can’t do it! Picking weeds in the garden! Doing dishes and sweeping the floor, enjoying my grandchildren, walking on a nice day. The gift of enjoying the small stuff is the biggest win!

Member of the Month
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