Word of the Year

By Tasha McRae

Happy New Year! The ringing in of a New Year brings us a symbolic fresh start and for many people, that includes setting resolutions and goals for the year ahead. While setting goals is great, we know that goals themselves are not enough to create meaningful change. Let’s face it, most of us who set New Year’s resolutions don’t ever achieve our goals. We do well for the first couple of weeks and then we get distracted by our day to day demands, the goal starts to feel too hard, and we lose our motivation. We call this the Fizzle Factor™. To solve the Fizzle Factor™, we created the SPARKS METHOD™, a step by step method that helps you focus on building healthy habits rather than focusing only on outcomes.

The word resolution is from the root word resolve - to resolve an issue, or simply put, solve a problem This new year is gifting you 52 weeks to solve 52 small problems in your lifestyle. The SPARKS METHOD is a step-by-step process to help you identify the “problems” and create real, lasting solutions for them.

Building a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have a defined beginning, middle, and end. It’s not an all or nothing approach. It’s a continuous process that needs to be refined, modified and adapted to meet our changing bodies and lives. Therefore, we like to look at the New Year as a time to reflect and refocus rather than a time start all over again.

So, for 2020, we invite you to join us in our tradition of setting a WORD OF THE YEAR. Your word serves as a guidepost to help you make decisions throughout the year and bring more of what matters into your life. It is effective, powerful and helps you stay purpose-driven all year long. Thousands of our members do this year after year with success!

Pick a word that will guide YOU throughout 2020!

Choose a word or a phrase that is meaningful to you; one that gives you a mission, passion, and purpose for the year ahead. The word you choose should symbolize what you want to bring alive in your life during the coming year. Your word will serve as an easy, quick reminder to keep you on track with what matters most to you.

Once you come up with your word, write it down and put it somewhere you can see it. Be creative. Write it on a rock and put it on your desk or make it your screen saver or phone’s wallpaper. The ideas are endless. The key is to keep your word front and center so you can see it and live it.

Want to share it and inspire others? We encourage you to write a short post about it on Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #wordoftheyear. Our members will be posting their #wordoftheyear in the clinic and we will be sharing photos all month with the hopes that we might inspire someone with one word. Are you ready to choose your word and see the power it can have in your life?

Tasha McRae, BHK, ACSM, CES/CET, is a certified exercise physiologist and Director of Culture & Talent at LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic
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