Announcing our first Vancouver Island location LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic Victoria-Fernwood!


We are very excited to announce that we are expanding to Vancouver Island! LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic Victoria-Fernwood is currently under construction and will open in July! Please share this news with friends and family in the Victoria area who might be interested in joining LIVE WELL to improve their health and lifestyle.

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Here is a little background about Nick and Nicole Grant, the new owners of LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic Victoria-Fernwood:


We first learned about LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic from close friends and family who were members. Seeing what they had accomplished through the program was so inspiring! It was like nothing that either of us had ever heard of. We had seen our loved ones fail time and time again with diet and exercise routines. LIVE WELL has changed their lives in the most positive of ways forever. We spent some time in one of the clinics to see what all the talk was about and instantly fell in love with the culture. Our visits were always so emotional (Nicole cried a lot). We were fortunate enough that while there, many other members shared their stories of how LIVE WELL has positively impacted their lives. We knew that this was something that both of us needed to be a part of.

We both became healthcare professionals for no other reason than to assist people in their journey to better health. We love our careers as a chiropractor (Nick) and a massage therapist (Nicole), but we always wanted to do more to help people in this journey. LIVE WELL is that more. Being able to enrich people’s lives through exercise is what we want to do.

Nicole always knew in her heart that one day she would move to the Island. Nick is always up for an adventure, so we decided to pack up our life on the mainland and start the very first LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic on Vancouver Island here in Victoria.

How do you LIVE WELL?

We live well by making healthy food choices and walking/riding our bikes when we can. We enjoy gym workouts with a group because it makes us accountable. Our dog Beau is full of energy and gets us out hiking and walking on even the worst rainy/windy days during the winter. When we are not sharing our passion for exercise and the outdoors you can find us on Salt Spring Island. Whether it’s having a beach fire, kayaking or even out fishing, it is one of the places where we go to recharge.

How do you Find the Joy (a LIVE WELL core value)?

We find the joy in a few ways. Being out and in nature with our dog is a big one for us and the other is being among our family and friends. Having a loving and accepting community is huge for us.

Thanks for helping us grow the LIVE WELL family Nick and Nicole!

If you would like to learn more about our new Fernwood location, or book a free Program Consultation, please email Nick and Nicole, or visit their Facebook page. You can also virtually meet the couple in this short video.

The clinic is currently under construction and will open in July at #1 - 1099 Pandora Avenue, Victoria, British Columbia V8V 3P6. Stay tuned!

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