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Weight Management

Tips for controlling your food environment

When we first begin trying to change our diet to eat healthier, it can be hard. Simply seeing food can cue us to want to eat it. So, when you are trying to make a change in your diet it is more difficult if your environment is filled with unhealthy foods that might trigger you to eat. At LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic we coach our members to set themselves up for success by doi...


March 2018 Member of the Month – Vilja S.

It brings us such JOY to announce our Member of the Month for March is Vilja! Vilja’s journey and experience is an inspiration. Enjoy! I laughed when I was approached to share my story with the LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic membership as I’m nowhere near my goal weight, and have yet to fully conquer my voracious appetite for processed carbohydrates. The siren song of freshly-...


February 2018 Member of the Month – Janet U.

This month we are excited to share Janet’s journey with the LIVE WELL Community. Her experience shows us how both exercise and building healthy habits CAN make an impact in your life! It used to be that I could barely walk three blocks due to severe knee and leg pain. Reading ads for the European Viking River Cruises, I would feel like crying because I thought I would nev...


Countdown to the launch of LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic's first Toronto location!

Since we first launched LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic in 2011 we have been in expansion-mode; trying to build clinics to keep up with the demand for our unique approach to lifestyle change for people with health issues and chronic disease. We now have five, soon to be six clinics in BC’s Lower Mainland with more coming later this spring. But next Thursday Feb. 1, 2018, we are e...