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2 Things You Need to Build Healthy Habits

Why is it that despite good intentions and a real desire to change, most people fizzle out when it comes to building healthy habits? This cycle of starting up and fizzling out on an attempted lifestyle change is so common that we’ve given it a name, The Fizzle Factor™. But why is it that we fizzle out? It can’t possibly be that we are all lazy, unmotivated, undisciplined or ...


We are excited to introduce Betty as the Member of the Month for March, who joined LIVE WELL New Westminster in August 2019. As you read Betty’s journey to LIVE WELL, she shares with us how determination can lead us to a healthier lifestyle. Congratulations Betty! In January, I was asked if I would be the LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic’s member of the month. I was humbled, hon...