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Melanie is our April Member of the Month from LIVE WELL Regina and her powerful story describes how exercise has transformed her life. She has drastically improved mobility, blood sugar levels within the ideal ranges, weight loss, increase in energy and greater physical flexibility! We all have more time at home now to make exercise a priority and take better care of our bodies. Thank you Mel for inspiring us all!

My name is Melanie and I have been with LIVE WELL in Regina, Saskatchewan since October 2019. With my daughter’s encouragement, I began attending the LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic in October 2019. “Encouragement” really is an understatement…my daughter made the appointment, told me I had to go, and came along with me to make sure I followed through!

In the beginning I was sceptical of the LIVE WELL programming. I have been involved in other organized exercise programs in the past and for one reason or another, they have not been the perfect fit for me. With LIVE WELL, I have found a new life!

Within three months of attending the program, my mobility has drastically improved. Tasks that required assistance (i.e. such as grocery shopping) prior to attending the program, I am now able to do independently. I also have more energy to do activities I enjoy such as swimming and spending time with my grandchildren.

Being diabetic, I’ve struggled at times with maintaining normal blood sugar levels. Since attending the program, along with dietary changes, my blood sugar levels now fall within ideal ranges and my A1C has decreased by two percent. It has been a lot of hard work but LIVE WELL has helped me to focus and make my participation a priority. While I have had some weight loss, the big changes I have noticed are an increase in energy level, and greater physical flexibility. I can now get up early in the day and get my errands completed with energy left over for the afternoon and evening. During the day I can move freely without being limited. I can keep up with my family, and now I often set the pace!

For anyone considering joining LIVE WELL, I have to say that for me the hardest part of the programming is making sure I get to my exercise sessions. I know though that once I get to the session, I will enjoy my workout. I enjoy the company of the other members and the LIVE WELL staff and that gives me the motivation to continue! Knowing that I will be missed if I do not attend my regular session really helps with my accountability. My LIVE WELL family makes me happy. The new friends I have made here have given me a new lease on life.

I have always been a very bold person - I am comfortable with my opinions and speak my mind. Since attending LIVE WELL, I am learning to feel more comfortable with my body. I am now getting used to wearing smaller sized clothes and feel comfortable walking in front of a crowd of people. I am proud of my progress so far.

I’m so grateful for the ongoing support that I receive from my LIVE WELL staff member team. The welcoming and supportive atmosphere they create helps to keep me motivated to continue working at achieving my goals. I want to get healthier, and I know that LIVE WELL will help me to live my best life!

Member of the Month

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