By Member of the Month

We are thrilled to introduce you to Mavis, our LIVE WELL Member of the Month! The Kerrisdale “regular” has been with LIVE WELL for five years and there is no stopping this grandmother of seven!! We are so happy to support you on your journey, Mavis!!

I joined LIVE WELL because I wanted to be as healthy as possible as I aged. Early in life I had had been busy and active but I did not exercise in a formal way – I never went to a gym. I was certainly experiencing some of the aches and pains most of us feel as we age, but nothing debilitating – I simply wanted to maintain my physical strength, and avoid medication as much as I could. I saw LIVE WELL as a preventative, positive way to manage my aging. That was five years ago, and now exercising has become part of my life – so much that even a pandemic couldn’t stop me!

LIVE WELL supported me physically and mentally in the pandemic – within days I was able to “Zoom” into my sessions – I don’t know of any other program that made such a quick and effective shift! Connecting with people in classes was fun, but the more important connection was my LIVE WELL staff member assigned to me who updated my individual program on a regular basis. This personal connection boosted my mental health, when simply following exercises on a screen might not have been enough to keep me going! It made me realize that LIVE WELL isn’t just a gym where I go to exercise. It’s a place where you make connections, and those are vital as we age.

I joined LIVE WELL five years ago and my advice for someone who is not exercising is this: Try it in a careful, comfortable way. LIVE WELL will design a plan and monitor your progress. There is no competition and no mystery – you will soon feel competent, and able to do things you never could before! I am 77 years young today, do not take medication and can keep up with my two-year old grandchild because I have maintained my strength and stamina! Thank you LIVE WELL!

Member of the Month

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