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This month we celebrate WOMEN who have taken charge of their health - like LIVE WELL Member Donna

Donna Cappuccitti-Wilson 58, was like many women in their fifties: She put everyone else first for most of her life and didn’t prioritize her own health. Joining a gym wasn’t even on her radar when she went to a LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic open house in 2018 in Oakville. “I was honestly there to keep a friend company, but the moment I heard about LIVE WELL’s philosophy, the programming, the small sessions, the personal approach and the incredible staff, I was “sold.”

It was one of the best decisions she has made. She has seen continual improvements in the last four years, and appreciated LIVE WELL even more during COVID. “It helped me get through the last two years.”


She loves the LIVE WELL expertise. “The staff care about my progress. If I don’t like a certain exercise, they are able to find something else that accomplishes the same goal. I love that my program has gradually become more difficult - it’s doable, but challenging. I don’t feel like I am being tortured!”

As a breast cancer survivor, and having a family history of heart and stroke issues, Donna knew she needed to exercise and was very aware that she wasn’t doing it. “I felt stiff with aches and pains, and also had major back problems for four decades! But, with three kids, there was always a distraction, and I didn’t feel the traditional gym was for me.”

Donna joined LIVE WELL in 2018, captivated by the philosophy and the small, community vibe. “I wanted to feel young and vibrant for as long as possible, and also have a better handle on weight gain after seven years of hormone-blocking medication and menopause. I also wanted to be able to move for as long as possible.”


“I see definition in my arms and legs that I hadn’t seen in thirty years and notice I can do things around the house more easily,” says Doona. LIVE WELL is now a big part of her life. “I have discovered the most unlikely friendship and community can be built through working towards your health goals together. This is a wonderful place for a woman my age who has never exercised before because LIVE WELL understands. It is the most non-intimidating, safe and non-judgmental environment where we take a holistic approach to health.”


“Being healthy is not one-dimensional. LIVE WELL offers a balanced approach to fitness through the body, mind and spirit.”

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