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Bonnie chooses to LIVE WELL and sees the changes!


That’s the word that LIVE WELL Oakville member Bonnie chose last year for her LIVE WELL Word of the Year.

“To me, vitality means having the energy and physical conditioning for your body to do whatever you ask of it during the course of a day. Running up and down the stairs in my home at least 20 times a day; having the strength to manage the demands of my special needs daughter on a daily basis, being able to go for a hike without having to stop and catch my breath. There are all just some of the benefits from LIVE WELL”

Tough Path

Bonnie’s path has not been easy. In 2011, she suffered a heart attack, which necessitated two stents and cardiac medication. She took action, changed her diet, lost 45 lbs and was starting to feel strong. However, in the spring of 2017 she was diagnosed with a pituitary tumour that thankfully was benign. The pituitary gland is the hormonal engine of the body, and her hormones were sent out of whack. Surgery in April 2017 removed the tumour, but the impact on her thyroid function was irreparable. After a year and a half on thyroid medication, Bonnie had gained a significant amount of weight. “I felt sluggish, no energy and huge. A friend told me about LIVE WELL and that was the kick start I needed.”

Bonnie joined in the fall of 2018 and has never looked back. She attends three times a week, and has gained more than strength and energy in the last four years - she has gotten her life back. “I am truly convinced that getting active again and being consistent in my physical training has kept me alive!”

Routine is Important

Bonnie schedules her work and life routines around her sessions! Her strength and energy levels have improved dramatically over the last three and a half years, as has her cardiovascular fitness. The staff have been able to modify her program when needed, around back pain, knee pain and even a bout of vertigo she went through.

She says the LIVE WELL staff’s positivity, and being able to accommodate her various health issues, are exceptional. “I am so grateful for their knowledge, caring and genuine interest in seeing me succeed in my program help me to LIVE WELL”

Member of the Month

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