December 2017 Member of the Month - Preet

By Member of the Month

This month we have the honour of sharing Preet’s journey with the LIVE WELL Community. Preet reminds us all that with commitment and dedication – we CAN reach our goals towards living a healthy lifestyle!

Three years ago I was introduced to LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic by a friend who had invited me to a Bring-a-Friend partner circuit class. At the time, I was lazy but I was also very motivated to join her because she was looking better than me. Ha! Ha! This was the same time when my doctor diagnosed with me with ‘fatty liver’ disease - so I needed to lose weight. During the partner circuit I had a very positive experience so I decided to join LIVE WELL.

The process of creating healthy habits in my life has not been easy, however I have been diligently working out three days per week, I have made improvements in my diet and I am making better decisions to eat healthier. My big success is feeling stronger than ever before. I have not only lost 35 pounds, I have also dropped lots of inches. My overall health has improved, which has impacted my life in such a positive way - I am feeling so confident now!

I can tell you though, it is not going to be easy. Even though I work out three times per week, I actually don’t like to exercise! This has always been my biggest challenge, but I make every effort to make it to each of my LIVE WELL sessions. I keep telling myself “just keep showing up!”

My advice to anyone wanting to make positive changes in their health is to keep coming. Even if you don’t want to, do it anyways! Results don’t come fast but don’t let that frustrate you. Results will come!

LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic has been amazing! The best part of the program for me are the super health coaches. I am so blessed to have the LIVE WELL staff coach and support me. They have been my strength through this whole journey - thank you for that. Also the people I work out with are always super supportive and it makes going in each time so enjoyable - a great sense of community!

My goal is to keep diligently attending LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic and not allow myself to go back to where I was before with my health. I am a so much stronger and a more confident person now - thank you LIVE WELL!

Thank you to Preet for sharing her encouraging and inspirational insight! It brings us such JOY that no matter what - our members don’t give up and keep striving for a healthy lifestyle.

Member of the Month

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