By Member of the Month

We are thrilled to introduce you to Sandra, our LIVE WELL Member of the Month! Thank you for being a part of our LIVE WELL family and for sharing how your LIVE WELL experience has helped you gain more energy and strength!

Why did you decide to join LIVE WELL?

I joined LIVE WELL to improve my overall health, I was feeling unhealthy, sluggish and just wanted more energy.

What are the biggest changes you’ve experienced since joining?

My energy level, I feel so much stronger, I sleep better and have more energy. No more stiffness when I get up in the morning 😊

Without LIVE WELL, where would your health be at?

Without LIVE WELL l I would be unhappy, unhealthy and living with no energy. The LIVE WELL experience has changed how I feel about my body, I feel fantastic, healthy body and healthy mind. I love my LIVE WELL family.

Member of the Month

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