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For Barry, exercise is the gift of life.

The retired teacher had his first heart attack 20 years ago. The second came only a week later. He then had a third heart attack eight and a half years ago.


“The third heart attack got my attention, and I retired from my 33-year career in education,” says Barry, who was not only a teacher and reading specialist, but also spent 14- years as a Vice-Principal at several local White Rock elementary schools. “The stress of the job had a definite impact on me physically. I gave it all for my job. It wasn’t until my heart attacks that I realized the importance of life balance: work, play, rest and family.”

Barry spent years in a community-based cardiac rehab program, which closed during COVID. He tried to maintain an active lifestyle on his own for over two years, but he was not successful. “I was not always on point,” he concedes.


Heart disease is still one of the leading causes of death for Canadians. A recent study showed that deaths from heart attacks rose significantly during the pandemic; there has also been a spike in heart attacks seen in those suffering from long-COVID. Cardiovascular disease had been declining prior to COVID, but this trend has alarmingly reversed. Exercise is not only one of the most important prevention tools, but is necessary for people like Barry who have a history of cardiovascular disease.


Barry was pleasantly surprised to find that the two women he had first encountered as exercise specialists at the hospital cardiac rehab program. Sara Hodson and Tasha McRae, had founded LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic, a company that focuses on the individual needs and health concerns of each member, in a motivating and fun fitness program. “When I came across LIVE WELL in December 2021, it was a good fit for me to engage in exercise classes in the morning twice a week. I really enjoyed the routine, it was something outside of the home that got me connected to others, and I appreciate the helpful tutoring I receive from the instructors, and how LIVE WELL develops an appropriate exercise plan for me at my level of fitness.”


Barry encourages anyone who wants to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle in their later years of life to join! “I am so grateful to Sara for founding this company, and to Tasha who is gifted in providing encouragement and instruction. Finding these women, and their entire team of highly trained exercise professionals, twenty years later is a gift I intend to enjoy for as long as I am able.”

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