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This month we are honoured to introduce Fran from LIVE WELL Abbotsford as the Member of the Month for February 2020!

Many people, like Fran, can struggle to recover from a major health event. Exercise can help you regain your strength and confidence so that you can get back to living your life. The key, as highlighted in this member’s story, is to start at a low intensity and slowly progress as your body is ready. Working with the right health care professional is also important. The Clinical Exercise Physiologists at LIVE WELL have specialized training which allows them to provide safe and effective exercise for people with health conditions.

Fran’s story also highlights something we hear from many of our members. The community at the clinic is just as important to their success as their exercise programs. Our goal is to create a fun, social, inspiring atmosphere where people can support each other on their journey to better health. The LIVE WELL Community is cheering you on Fran!

I joined LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic in February 2019 after realizing that I was not recovering from a tumultuous time after open heart surgery, along with a never ending cough, cracked ribs from coughing, weak legs which made it difficult to stand and insomnia.

I presented myself at LIVE WELL in Abbotsford one morning. I was surprised at the very thorough assessment of my shortcomings and an exercise routine was developed to address my physical weaknesses. I was almost embarrassed at how simple the exercise session seemed, but it was a challenge to get through and I felt immensely pleased when I completed the session. Throughout each class I have attended, the Joy Masters and CEPs are constantly circulating to each member making sure that their exercise routine is keeping up with their needs.  Another astonishing fact became apparent to me as I attended this group - is the socialization.  I had been home for three years and was most often by myself. Now I was a part of a group whose goals were the same as mine - to get well and LIVE WELL!  The socializing is just as important as the exercise!

I can’t thank the staff and my fellow members enough for the camaraderie and the conversation.  LIVE WELL should be an integral part of everybody’s recovery from surgery, illness, accident, or whatever is stopping you from getting a grip on your day and enjoying life.

Member of the Month

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