By Member of the Month

We are so pleased to introduce Molly as February’s Member of the Month! Molly is an incredible member at LIVE WELL East Vancouver. We celebrate the WINS in your health journey to date and can’t wait to keep cheering you on!!!

Why did you decide to join LIVE WELL?

I met Tory Brooks-Hill, the owner of a Vancouver LIVE WELL location, through a business group and she invited me to experience LIVE WELL. I have always been fit in my youth until my father passed away suddenly, and my physical health became a very low priority. This lack of exercise affected my mental health, anxiety, weight, blood pressure and self-worth. I tried heading to the gym and I found those environments overwhelming, intimidating and there wasn’t the accountability I needed.

I needed a lifestyle change, I needed support, a safe plan and, beyond anything, encouragement I found all of this and more at LIVE WELL. It’s a safe environment, a place to celebrate the wins, it’s inclusive, fun and inspiring. LIVE WELL really is the answer and I am thankful I joined.

What are the biggest changes you’ve experienced since joining?

Since joining LIVE WELL the biggest change has been the increase in energy and my spirit has lifted. I am super proud to report that my blood pressure has also lowered.The biggest change has been huge improvements in my mental health. I feel like I can tackle more than I could before, and I am falling back in love with movement and exercise as a healthy habit. When I drive home from work, I get to sit in the joy that I did my workout with the fun team at LIVE WELL and am getting stronger every day.

Without LIVE WELL, where would your health be at?

Without LIVE WELL I know I would still be lower energy, depressed and feeling like I have nowhere safe to get my strength back. I would be avoiding activities that I truly want to do but feel I can’t – the sense of isolation I felt before was awful. I would be lacking this clear sense of direction that I get when I go to LIVE WELL. I remember setting goals that didn’t feel attainable and feeling shame knowing I didn’t have the tools to get there. I would be stressed for my doctor’s appointments knowing she would give me that look of concerns when she checked my blood pressure. I don’t want to have to carry that weight again.

I now have the tools I need to accomplish my goals.

Member of the Month

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