From "Regular Stiff Guy" To Touch Your Toes!

By LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic


Senior keeps LIVING WELL thanks to LIVE WELL Sessions!

Roy could never touch his toes until he began regular exercise sessions at LIVE WELL in Kerrisdale. “I was that regular “stiff guy.” My doctor referred me to LIVE WELL because I had injured myself at another gym and felt it would be more suitable. He was right”

The 70-year old married father of two and grandfather had been active, but when he joined LIVE WELL he began to see real progress. “When I started I was using 15 lb dumbbells and now I am using 30! Two years ago I was able to run the Sun Run without much training, and for the last few years I have been taking part in the Great Cycle Challenge!”


But the real litmus test was when he moved houses. “I was able to carry nearly thirty full cardboard boxes up four flights of stairs - all since I have been at LIVE WELL.”

Roy says the expert staff at LIVE WELL keep him coming back. “The staff are fabulous. They are attentive and helpful. Their input has been very instrumental in the improvements I have seen,” says Lamont. “The educational component of the sessions is informative - not too simplistic, but not too technical. The variety - dance days, circuit days - breaks up the monotony of doing the same exercises time after time. And the members are a real community for my wife and I.”

*Came right back after pandemic: “I have gained too much from LIVE WELL not to!”

When the pandemic hit and shut down LIVE WELL, he chose not to Zoom into sessions but stayed active by walking or cycling but the moment it was open again “there was no question I would be back! I have gained too much from LIVE WELL. I would (and HAVE!!) highly recommend LIVE WELL because of the individualized programming that allows for a training schedule at your pace. Your goals are achievable without the risk of injury.


The proud father says being an active family is important to him, and he has los of goals to stay living WELL.

When Roy got his “100 workout T-shirt” he was touched - and it made him feel like all his hard work was worth it! His long-term goals include building up strength, running on the treadmill for ten consecutive minutes, and keeping his level of fitness! Thank you LIVE WELL!

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