July 2018 Member of the Month - Sharon A.

By Member of the Month

It brings us such JOY to announce our Member of the Month for July is Sharon A. Sharon attends our SouthS urrey location and her experience at LIVE WELL is an inspiration to us all.

I am obese, 63-years-old and was tired of feeling run-down and having absolutely no energy. I saw one of the LIVE WELL clinics as I live nearby and thought this could be the answer to allow me to feel better.

I also knew I had a major surgery coming up. I was encouraged by my doctor to get myself into a better health position prior to surgery in order to achieve the best outcome. Dr. Draper even got involved with LIVE WELL staff to create a plan to improve my strength prior to the surgery. There is no way I would have recovered as well as I did post surgery if I had not come to LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic before-hand.

Prior to joining to LIVE WELL, I had numerous falls, could not walk with ease, and felt my breathing was an issue. Since joining I feel stronger and have better balance. My breathing has also improved. I love the camaraderie and the positive reinforcement I receive when I come into the clinic for my exercise sessions.

My fear of public ridicule due to my size has diminished. My self-esteem has improved. An unexpected benefit is that I am shocked how much being a member at LIVE WELL has improved my emotional health. As an obese person, at LIVE WELL I feel safe from ridicule.

One thing I would like others considering joining LIVE WELL to know is that you will not feel judged. You will feel safe!

Member of the Month

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