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We are honoured to introduce John as July’s Member of the Month! John has been an outstanding member at LIVE WELL South Surrey since 2018. Huge congratulations to you John, we can’t wait to see more WINS from you in clinic!

It’s been 2 years since I joined LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic. Wow - I can’t believe the changes! I have to say I’ve never felt stronger or healthier, and I have a recent blood test to confirm this!

For most of my life, I have struggled with a bit of extra weight. I started gaining larger amounts in my 40s and I did not know why. Every time I would try to exercise I’d feel both exhausted and defeated. I would give up and think “what was the point” and would have an extra taco or supersize my meals, which make things even worse. I found out later that a large contributor to my health issues was sleep apnea. I wasn’t really getting any rest, I would have regular colds and very low energy. After getting a CPAP machine I found myself in a body that I didn’t want, but the desire to change it.

I was never a “group person” or a “joiner”. My doctor suggested LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic and for the first time I started to see the steady results…finally! In the past I would join gyms and although I did see small results, however the gyms didn’t give off a welcoming environment and it felt more of a chore to keep up with. I always felt on a show, like I was the one that didn’t belong, but not at LIVE WELL.

When I first started my membership at LIVE WELL, my doctor put me on blood pressure medication. As of December, I am pleased to say that I no longer need the medication. LIVE WELL has helped and encouraged me to make positive lifestyle changes (like cutting out sugar in my coffee and actually drinking water daily). These are HUGE changes if you were to know me! I felt better about myself and about life in general.

Like everyone, when Covid-19 happened - my life was thrown off its axis. I wondered if my weight made me more susceptible? I was fearful but I didn’t want the fear to rule me, so I decided to rule it! I did not stop and I actually increased my exercise activity. When LIVE WELL started offering online sessions, I took them. It was good to feel like I was still doing something proactive. I tried to incorporate a 3rd day of exercise when I could and sometimes do twice the cardio. I also kept up with my walking in the neighbourhood. I kept in touch with the LIVE WELL team once every 2 weeks via a personal Zoom meeting. If I did contract this virus, I wanted to be the healthiest me so I could combat it. I knew LIVE WELL helped me feel that strength.

So far I have lost 40+ pounds. I do have a way to go, but along the way I have gained strength, health and a better feeling about my life. In my previous experiences, gyms were not that personal. And a personal trainer was not something I would even consider, even if I could afford it.

I’ve finally found something that works! I feel as if I’m only halfway through my weight loss journey, but I know I will eventually achieve my weight loss goals with the help of LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic.

Member of the Month

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