June 2019 Member of the Month - Diana F.

By Member of the Month

We are honoured to announce Diana from our Port Coquitlam location as our June 2019 Member of the Month! Diana’s incredible story will show you how dedication, commitment and JOY can truly make an impact in your life.

One day I realized that I needed to get back into a weight-loss program or do something that involved more than just going to get weighed somewhere. I knew it was time to begin an exercise program, but I did not know how to start. I always felt lost in commercial gyms and found it difficult to consistently attend. One day I was on Facebook and noticed the ad for LIVE WELL. I was impressed with the video of the members. They seemed to have found a place where they could get the help they needed with supervised exercise and ongoing support. I knew that it was what I needed to get me to stick to a program.

I joined LIVE WELL Port Coquitlam in September 2018. My biggest challenges with exercise are sticking to a program and just getting myself to the gym. At LIVE WELL, I have a session time reserved for me, which encourages me to attend sessions consistently. This has helped me stick to the program for over 6 months! In addition, I find that I have improved my ability to challenge myself, because I want to better myself. LIVE WELL has reminded me how important it is to take self-care seriously and just how much I do enjoy exercising! When you take care of yourself and continue achieving your goals and progressing in your exercise and nutritional habits, you start to realize how capable you really are. LIVE WELL has shown me how strong I really am and what this body of mine can do. I look forward to looking back at this time in my journey as I know I will continue to make strides towards a healthier me!

The ongoing health-coaching at LIVE WELL has also made me realize that goal-setting is so important. I have never been good at setting goals and accomplishing them, but the Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Joy Master have helped me set realistic goals for all aspects of my health (sleep, exercise, nutrition, to name a few). The CEP motivates me to be accountable. She makes me feel like I matter and am not just a number. We try to find what works for me together. I now have apps on my phone that help to remind me to drink my water and stay active during the day with hourly reminders to get up and move. It is very liberating to be able to stick to a program. Before LIVE WELL, I can assure you that you would not have seen me performing exercises at work. Now, I am completing all sorts of exercises to squeeze in my daily dose of exercise, whether that be stretching, push-ups at my desk, extra sets of stairs. I am now mindful of how important daily exercise is and how good it makes me feel (less knee pain, fewer aches, more mobility, sharper mind). Setting weekly goals at LIVE WELL keeps me accountable and motivated to continue setting more!

At LIVE WELL, I am getting the exercise I need and learning simple tips for eating healthy. We talk about common nutrition mistakes, and solutions to these mistakes, as well as portion sizes. It is always great information to take home with you. The crucial step in my success at LIVE WELL is how your coach (CEP) works with you on a weekly basis to ensure that you are setting realistic nutritional goals that keep you engaged and motivated to continue choosing a healthier lifestyle. LIVE WELL is a community of like-minded individuals who all present with nutritional challenges, but we as a team of members support each other through sharing recipes and suggestions to better our habits and it is amazing to see how LIVE WELL has positively changed my relationship with food.

LIVE WELL provides accountability and a personalized program for members. There is nothing like it. Anyone can sign up and go to a gym, but a gym does not provide nearly the same amount of support as LIVE WELL. At LIVE WELL you are not just a number, you matter. I have never felt that what I do matters as much as I have in this clinic. They make me feel like we are a family, working towards the same goal. The coaches are what make me keep going. Together, we are a team. For the first time team has an “I” for individual team effort! They are really cheering for me.

It is difficult to put into words exactly how LIVE WELL has impacted my life, but I have improved immensely in all areas of my life. Physically, I am stronger, faster, sleep better and can endure much more than I thought I could. Nutritionally, I am more mindful of the foods I am consuming, so I eat and plan my meals far better. Cognitively, I am sharper, more motivated, and ready to tackle the day! Emotionally, I am more realistic with setting time to complete tasks, less flustered, and I am able to cope far better with the stresses that accompany my life!

Thank you and congratulations Diana! You are certainly taking advantage of everything our LIVE WELL program has to offer!

Member of the Month

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