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The bells rang and the room was full of beaming smiles as White Rock LIVE WELL founding member Sam Sarophm celebrated his 1000th workout, with former employees coming home to honor his incredible accomplishment.

Sam was the third member to walk in the door in 2011, and has been coming to his bi-weekly exercise sessions, credited his abundant energy and vibrant physical and mental health not simply to exercise, but to the friends he has made along the way and the community he is proud to be part of!


“I recall going in and thinking, ‘I am going to like this place,’ Sam tells LIVE WELL. “I had been active in the past but for various reasons had to stop. I thought the exercises were easy, but soon realized I had to do them correctly. The staff were very friendly and welcoming, and I remember all the encouragement I got every time I came in. Everyone encouraged each other to do their best. It became a family feeling - and still is today.”

Sam says he started for his physical health, but it soon became a journey for his mental health too. Getting to 1000 workouts hasn’t been a walk in the park, either: “It is never easy to get up to go exercise at 7 am. However once I am there my mental focus changes and I want to get the best out of my session, I want to excel at what I am doing and challenge myself.” He says that the routine he has created sets him up for the day - though over the years he connected with different “families” in afternoon exercise sessions and he missed them!


Sam credits exercise for being able to tackle “whatever gets thrown at me.” He returns from his exercise sessions refreshed and energized: “The bottom line is that I feel better exercising, both physically and mentally!” Sam stays active in other areas of his life, too - including regularly ballroom dancing with his wife, which he says is both soothing, and requires mental awareness, which he has developed through years of exercise discipline.


Sam was originally referred to LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic by his doctor, but has stayed for many reasons. “Being healthy and active has kept me physically and mentally younger. When I compare myself to people I used to know at the age I am now, I see a lot of differences,” says the 69-year old retired engineer. “The people I know were not healthy, had recurring or nagging pains and just did not seem comfortable with life. Maybe I am overestimating my condition, but I feel much better than they appeared to feel back then.


At LIVE WELL we celebrate our champions, and Sam is LIVE WELL’s leading champion, and inspires so many members. In fact, it was Sam’s idea to create the champion program, telling staff that being rewarded for workouts is motivating. One of the major highlights for Sam in the last 11 years has been meeting so many wonderful people, and becoming a LIVE WELL Ambassador. “People see me on a poster or on Facebook, and recognize me - even outside the Lower Mainland! I am honoured that they reach out and ask questions, and am happy to have helped people sign up and learn to LIVE WELL. He was also very impressed with how LIVE WELL adapted quickly during COVID, offering online sessions and continued support in the challenging times.

Sam sits on the board of two charitable organizations, and Emotions BC, both focused on health and wellness, and has been on two of Go-Med’s missions to the Philippines. He is a proud father of two, and has a grandson. His long-term fitness plan? “To the next 1000 workouts!”

In honour Sam’s 1000th session, every LIVE WELL clinic will adorn a wall in their reception area to celebrate all the champions! These milestones are achieved for every 100 doses of exercise - meaning 100 hours of exercise completed at LIVE WELL. “

“Sam’s commitment to leading a healthy life and inspiring so many people along the way is what LIVE WELL is all about,” says Sara Hodson, CEO of LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic. “Congratulation Sam on this incredible milestone and we can’t wait to celebrate your next 1000th workout!”

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