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As we celebrate Arthritis Awareness Month, we feature Langley member Elaine.

“I used to hate exercising. Now I look forward to going to LIVE WELL.”

During the pandemic, Elaine, a member at our Langley location, worried she was losing her mobility and relying more and more on her cane. “Things like putting on my shoes used to cause me problems, and my knee wouldn’t bend. I have been told I am a candidate for knee replacement surgery,” the 79-year-old tells LIVE WELL.


For over ten years Elaine has had arthritis, is one of more than 2 million Canadians affected by the condition. According to Arthritis Research Canada, the condition affects more than 350 million people worldwide; there are over 100 types of arthritis. It is also one of the most costly chronic diseases to treat and is the number one reason for workplace disability. Arthritis represents one in every ten doctor visits and one in every 16 hospitalizations. Regular physical activity can help prevent and treat arthritis.

Elaine’s son nagged her to look after herself and suggested she look into LIVE WELL - as he had heard good things about the program from friends. “In June of 2021, I started my exercise program, and each month I see progress,” says Elaine. “I used to find it difficult to get in and out of my car - my right knee wouldn’t bend. I can now do this with much more ease! I could not use my recumbent bike as my range of motion didn’t allow me to do the rotation properly. In August of this year, I was able to pedal forward AND backward - for the first time in two years!”


Elaine says the instructors are supportive and encouraging at her twice-weekly sessions. “It is a part of my lifestyle now. I am so much stronger today. And I enjoy exercising - when I never thought I would! The instructors watch me go through my program, adjust it accordingly, and are so helpful. I am so much stronger today!”

“I like having set days and times, and I enjoy the people I meet. I look forward to attending LIVE WELL, and I like my exercises - even the ones I find difficult to do!”

Elaine is now spreading the good news about LIVE WELL. “My daughter-in-law’s mother used to be very active, but this changed with the pandemic. She has seen the changes in me physically and mentally, and now she is going to check it out.”


She also has short-term and long-term goals from being a LIVE WELL member. “I want to get stronger, gain more mobility and eventually stop using my cane!”

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