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Laura had to do something to change her life.

“In the Fall of 2018, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, and I knew I had to improve my fitness level. I had tried personal trainers and exercise classes, and nothing worked for me. I saw an advertisement for LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic and thought I would give it a try!”

*640 Canadians diagnosed with Diabetes Daily.”

According to Diabetes Canada, 640 Canadians are diagnosed with Diabetes every day - one Canadian every three minutes, with no signs of this slowing down. With February being a heart-healthy month, we often think about cardiovascular disease - but diabetes and heart disease are intrinsically connected. You are more likely to suffer a heart attack or a stroke if you have diabetes.

“LIVE WELL is so different from all of those other things I mentioned.,” says Laura. “You have a wonderful group atmosphere, and participants encourage others! The trainers are there to help and guide us, but they don’t hover over us like personal trainers do. They are always responsive to the needs of each individual while keeping an overview of the whole group.”


Laura loves the motivational quotes, the education, and the way the LIVE WELL program is designed to keep members on track. “The Clinical Exercise Physiologist make it harder if and when each participant is ready to move up, and changes it up every month, so you never get bored!”

Laura was able to stick with her program and stayed connected to her LIVE WELL family during the pandemic with online sessions and resources. She returned to the clinic for in-person classes the moment the guidelines allowed and attributes the progress she has made to support from LIVE WELL.


“The people who run LIVE WELL are smart, and they care. It shows. I’ve been attending twice a week since December 2018, and that’s by far and away a record for me! I’m grateful for the combination of camaraderie, guidance, support, and space to do it my way when needed,” says Laura.

The most important thing for Laura? “I’ve been able to manage my diabetes without medication and I’ve become more active in my life outside of LIVE WELL”

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