March 2019 Member of the Month - Doreen

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We are so excited to announce that Doreen from our Oakville location is our Member of the Month for March 2019!! Her story of determination is sure to inspire.

While I’ve never been particularly active, as an adult I frequently participated in some form of exercise. However, in the late 1980’s an inability to work out caused me to seek medical advice, resulting in a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. I spent the next two years researching the condition to figure out what form of exercise I could do. The condition creates some pain but I found the constant exhaustion most challenging. My research resulted in purchasing an elliptical machine. Initially I could only tolerate three minutes at a time. That was discouraging but I was determined to improve so I kept at it and gradually increased my workouts until I was able to work out two times a week at a local gym with a trainer. By this time I knew it was a case of use it or lose it.

Two and a half years ago, after another extended period of inactivity, I fractured my hip in a fall and had hip replacement surgery. Recovery went well, due in part to my past history of regular exercise - proof positive of the benefits of physical activity! Unfortunately, after recovery I once again stopped exercising, putting work and other commitments first.

This resulted in a gradual but noticeable decline in my day-to-day functioning, particularly with respect to balance. I started to feel like an old woman and knew I had to do something. I had no desire to go back to the gym I had been a member of for many years so started looking for another solution and came across an article written by a personal trainer on why people join gyms and never go. The article cited LIVE WELL Exercise Clinics as a better model and provided a link to its website, which indicated that a new clinic was opening that summer very close to where I live in Oakville, Ontario. I felt like it was meant to be, and after meeting with the clinic owner Kira, signed up for a one-year membership, working out three times a week. I was scheduled to start my workouts the beginning of July, 2018, but had to postpone for one month because I had suffered another fall, and needed time to heal. Boy, did I need to work on my balance!

Since joining LIVE WELL six months ago there have been times when I have been up nights with pain, which made me wonder if I had taken on too much. I was also experiencing bouts of extreme exhaustion due to my fibromyalgia and considered reducing my workouts to twice a week but decided to persevere, realizing I had to give my body time to adjust.

I turned 65 in February and shortly before my 65th birthday I had my six-month reassessment at LIVE WELL. Everything had improved but the biggest improvement was with my agility and balance. The numbers were so positive it was almost difficult to believe, but I could feel the difference in my day-to-day functioning. My gait is normal for the first time since hip surgery and I am enjoying increased ease of movement.

I never thought I would say this about a fitness facility but LIVE WELL is a positive, fun environment. Everyone is very knowledgeable and they know how to motivate and encourage you without judgment. The members are also very supportive of one another. I look forward to going to my sessions and even on the days when I’m not in the mood always leave feeling grateful to have found LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic. And I’m not alone. Every member I talk to at the clinic feels the same way. I joined thinking I would try it for a year. Now I can’t imagine my life without it!

We are grateful to Doreen for sharing her story. Doreen, your determination and perseverance to keep going is motivation and encouragement for us all!

Member of the Month

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