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We are excited to introduce Betty as the Member of the Month for March, who joined LIVE WELL New Westminster in August 2019. As you read Betty’s journey to LIVE WELL, she shares with us how determination can lead us to a healthier lifestyle. Congratulations Betty!

In January, I was asked if I would be the LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic’s member of the month. I was humbled, honoured and unclear why I was chosen. From my clinic, Teresa explained my improvements, especially on the step-ups, were reasons I would be highlighted. I know that LIVE WELL is a place where I feel comfortable and really feel like I belong.

Weight has been an issue for me all my adult life. I tried almost every fad diet with minimal success and no long-lasting results. When I required knee replacements and ended up off work on disability, I made getting more fit my new job. Every day, I walked two laps at a local park and participated in aquatic exercises three days a week. I religiously followed this routine while maintaining a fairly healthy diet. I lost two pounds during the first month and even though I became more toned, I was depressed at the lack of progress.

For the next five years, I was able to work and then retire. A dog joined my household and with it, more walks. Following the house training phase my new routine included three walks, totalling two to three hours a day. That routine helped me to maintain my weight but I still did not lose much.

In 2013, I had a stroke and between the combination of hospital food and no energy to cook meals, I did lose some weight. Slowly life got back to normal and I maintained the weight loss but did not continue it.

Fast forward to June 2019, my local newspaper featured LIVE WELL. It caught my attention enough to read the article and pull the page out. That article sat on my coffee table for several weeks and in late July of last year, I had a Transient Ischemic Attack, which left me feeling helpless and hopeless. I came to the conclusion that all of my walking was not enough healthy activity, so I pulled out the LIVE WELL ad off my coffee table and sent an email to the local clinic. They responded quickly and I was on my way to becoming a LIVE WELL member. I really appreciated that my introduction to the clinic clearly explained what LIVE WELL is, and not a high-pressured sales pitch.

I have been going to LIVE WELL ever since, and I always look forward to my workouts two days every week. With support from Teresa, Gabe and Marina, I learned the customized routine designed just for me and continued to improve my strength and stamina. LIVE WELL is such a positive and supportive environment that is created by the staff. It is a very non-intimidating gym where everyone is so friendly and supportive and I enjoy going there and seeing gains in strength as well as some weight loss. Joining LIVE WELL has been one of the most positive life changing decisions I have made in a long time.

Member of the Month

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