By Member of the Month

It is our complete joy to introduce you to Trish, our March Member of the Month! She is a member at LIVE WELL Bowmanville and from the moment we met her it was an instant connection. Trish sparkles her positive energy and enthusiasm everywhere she goes; we always feel happier after spending time with her.

Why did you decide to join LIVE WELL?

My life went through a complete transition. I lost my spouse, sold my house, and moved to a new town. I had participated in fitness programs before and knew it was time to make my health a priority, both physically and emotionally. My family is everything to me and I want to be the energetic grandma on the dance floor at their weddings.

I checked out several local gyms and then saw the ad for LIVE WELL on Facebook. I called to arrange for a tour of the newly opened clinic and once I walked through the door, I felt comfortable. The clinic was not overwhelming, and it felt safe.

What are the biggest changes you’ve experienced since joining?

In the short 6 months I have been with LIVE WELL there have been many changes. I first noticed it when I was reaching for ingredients in my lower kitchen cupboards, I did not need to use the counter to pull myself up; or use the arm rests on the chair to stand up from sitting. I have much better balance and my strength and flexibility have improved significantly. I can also move around with less pain.

My body is changing too – my clothes fit better, and I am no longer focused on the scale. I have moved out of the XL sizes.

Without LIVE WELL, where would your health be at?

LIVE WELL helped me through COVID. If I did not have this place – I would be 20 lbs heavier, I would not be leaving the house. I would have become a hermit. By coming here, I found a safe place. I stopped the depression and overeating. The hardest decision I had to make was finding the courage to walk through the door.

Member of the Month

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