Maureen didn't know she had heart disease!

By LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic

Maureen McCully joined LIVE WELL Kerrisdale after discovering she had heart disease! This is her story about living life to the fullest!

How has LIVE WELL Changed Your Life?

In my mid-sixties, I discovered I had heart disease: I had been having small heart attacks from partially blocked arteries for years and didn’t know. In 2017, I had a stent put in at St. Paul’s hospital, and after I completed my cardiac rehab program my doctor gave me a pamphlet for LIVE WELL. I liked the idea of small group sessions and being guided through my exercise regime. I signed up right away and have seen amazing results - from improved strength to agility, balance and more energy. My cardiologist says that regular exercise and healthy eating is the way to keep my heart in good shape and I am doing so well!

How has LIVE WELL helped you through COVID?

LIVE WELL has helped me through COVID and lockdowns by being there for me virtually through ZOOM exercise sessions. The staff keep me engaged through education and motivational quotes, and my personal health coach keeps in touch with me regularly and congratulates me for being persistent and regularly showing up for my exercise sessions! This has supported my mental health and well-being, changing my exercises when needed!I I did more than a year of ZOOM sessions and then went into the clinic for an evaluation - I nearly cried when I saw the results! I had kept my strength up - thank you LIVE WELL>

What do you think when we say “LIVE WELL is a FAMILY:?

We show up, support and care for one another. We encourage each other without judgment, and we celebrate with one another! Before COVID, I had friends in my regular exercise sessions and we would go for coffee after our Friday session. I haven’t seen them in two years but I met a new friend on ZOOM! I love exercising with like-minded people who come to LIVE WELL to meet their goals for future health!”

What would you say to someone thinking of joining LIVE WELL?

Our bodies are a gift and we have the power to slow down the aging process through exercise and healthy eating. I joined because I wanted to be an example to my children, and to live my life to the fullest. JOIN LIVE WELL today! You will make friends and feel joy in your accomplishments.

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