May 2018 Member of the Month – Susan M

By Member of the Month

This month we have the pleasure of sharing with you Susan’s first few months with LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic! We are certain she will inspire and encourage you on your own healthy lifestyle journey.

In November 2017 I was referred to LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic by my doctor as part of my recovery from a herniated disc and also an exacerbation of my Multiple Sclerosis.

I had spent the previous two months unable to function due to pain and nerve impairment. I also had a condition called “foot drop” where my right foot dragged and I could not flex my ankle. The pain clinic I was attending suggested I try a shot into my spine, which could be successful some of the time but not guaranteed, therefore not an option I wanted to try.

I met with the Langley location’s owner Josh in early November. I was greeted at the door with a hug from one of their staff members Ania which took me by surprise, but I completely understand now that I know Ania! Josh and I discussed the medical issues I was trying to recovering from. He was very encouraging and reassured me that they would put together a program for me that would help improve my quality of life. We discussed goals and what I wanted to accomplish, and I left feeling very encouraged and excited.

I was definitely intimidated as I had not been to a gym in years and my last experience was not what I needed. What I needed were people who understood living with chronic illness and I found that at LIVE WELL Langley.

One of my goals (which I don’t think I shared with the staff) was to be able to get up off the floor under my own power without using something to leverage myself or asking for help. I do sometimes fall as my balance is compromised and I have had more than a few embarrassing moments needing help getting back up. About two weeks ago I was finished my floor exercise and without thinking and without help, I stood up! This might seem like a small goal for someone else but for me it was huge. I also now have full range of motion in my ankle and my prominent limp is gone. My endurance and strength have improved and I enjoy challenging myself and seeing what I can accomplish.

I am motivated every day by the other members who all have their own stories and we are all encouraged by the amazing staff. Knowing that I have the encouragement and expertise of Sarah and Ania, who are both Clinical Exercise Physiologists, and the enthusiasm of Myron as well as all of the other fitness trainers I’ve met, makes me feel like I made a very good decision to come to LIVE WELL and embark on this fitness journey.

I look forward to my gym time and I’m still working on being able to manage my energy so that I can spend time with my family and friends, watch my grandsons’ hockey games and cheer on my granddaughter at her dance competitions. Joining LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic is one of the best decisions I ever made!

Thank you Susan for sharing your experiences with the LIVE WELL Community! After reading Susan’s story, we can agree that many small achievements can lead to bigger wins in the goal to make permanent lifestyle changes.

Member of the Month

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