By Member of the Month

We are so excited to introduce you to Marian, our May Member of the Month! She is a member at LIVE WELL Abbotsford and we are so proud of how she has actively taken charge of her health! She has more energy and now looks for ways to be active throughout the week! Way to go!!!

Why did you decide to join LIVE WELL?

I’ve struggled with weight issues for many years. I heard the ads on the radio many times and a little voice told me to check out LIVE WELL. I didn’t respond to that prompt, until last spring. My younger brother had three heart attacks and has changed his lifestyle. That was my BIG wake up call and motivator. Being blessed with a great family and many grandchildren, I realize that if I want to be a part of their lives and see them grow up, I need to do something different. “If it was to be, it’s up to me!”

What are the biggest changes you’ve experienced since joining?

For me, the routine, or habit of being there twice a week is what I needed. I look for ways the rest of the week to be more active. I’ve lost weight - slow and steady. I have more energy! The routines are regularly adjusted and planned to meet my fitness needs.

Without LIVE WELL, where would your health be at?

I am so grateful that LIVE WELL was able to remain open during this Covid time. It’s so easy to feel the blues - yes, breathe in and out! I appreciate Lauren’s little voice in my head; ‘shoulders back, think of a string pulling your head up, engage your core’. There is guidance and encouragement each session. Where would I be without that? Who knows - I’m pretty sure it would not be where I’m at today!

Member of the Month

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