November 2018 Member of the Month - Michelle

By Member of the Month

We are excited to announce that Michelle from our Abbotsford location as our Member of the Month for November.

I decided to join and become a member of LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic after speaking with my family doctor. I had explained to her how I needed some form of exercise and wanted to learn more about health and fitness and was interested in starting a gym membership somewhere. She explained how LIVE WELL was better than a gym for me, as there would be someone working with me and monitoring my health and fitness levels throughout the entire program. I thought right away that this is exactly what I needed. How do I get started and where do I go? She provided me with the details and the rest is history.

Since I have started at LIVE WELL I have been watching my diet as instructed and maintaining my fitness levels put out by my trainer. I learned that the types of foods I eat play a big role in health and I have been very diligent on trying to stick to the required proteins, carbs, fats, calories etc that I consume on a daily basis.

The fitness portion of this journey was challenging at first but after a few visits to the LIVE WELL Clinic the instructors had the levels right for me to make sure I maintained a balanced exercise program. As I progress through the program and just when I think it is getting easier my trainer bumps things up to ensure the bar gets raised and that I’m receiving the highest levels of training and fitness I can endure.

My goals are to simply maintain this new level of health and fitness, which I’ve been performing, and this will help me stay healthy for years to come. Plus, I’ve already lost just over 20 pounds and would like to see another 20, than another 20 and possibly more. You know what I mean, the weight loss part is awesome!

In short, I feel extremely satisfied with LIVE WELL and the program I’m on and would recommend this to anyone else who feels they need help with health or fitness. The clinic is very professional at determining each individual’s level of performance and starts you at a level to make you comfortable. The trainers couldn’t make me feel more comfortable and successful with my self personally and my achievements. They truly do care, and show it every time I walk in the door.

  • We would like to thank Michelle for sharing her story. We are very excited for you to learn, grow and further your knowledge of the benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle!*
Member of the Month

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