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We are very excited to introduce Jeff and Hil as the Member of the Month for October! This lovely couple from LIVE WELL Kelowna started their LIVE WELL journey earlier this year. Their enthusiasm, passion and dedication is sure to inspire you on your health journey!

To Join, or not to Join, that was our question!

It has taken me 72 years to realize that I am not “allergic to exercise.” A gym in my book has always been a place that people go to gain bragging rights, as to how many weights they can pick up, or a place where you strive to make a muscle shirt look good on your well-built body. Definitely not a place for me!

Between my wife and I, we have kept the medical system very busy. My body has all but seized up. Back surgery, blood pressure, 3 hernia repairs, severe migraine headaches, blocked carotid artery, to name just a few. On top of this my wife’s health issues includes type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, extreme fatigue after chemo and radiation treatments. We were a pair of wrecks in bad need of attention.

It was obvious that something had to be done. After visiting a few gyms and reading an article on Facebook on LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic, we made an appointment to visit LIVE WELL. I was quick to tell Cameron that I was “allergic to exercise.” He made us feel very comfortable and almost inspired. Much to the surprise of our family, who always said “Dad is allergic to exercise”, we started attending LIVE WELL Kelowna in mid-March 2019.

To attend our sessions at LIVE WELL in Kelowna, we have to get up early (set our retirement alarm), travel 14 kms into town together with all the heavy traffic, twice a week. Some days it is a real challenge. At first, I really struggled to work out and thought why I had agreed to mistreat my aging body in this way, while my wife kept telling everyone “We love it here.”

As the sessions have gone by, we have both benefited greatly from our decision to join LIVE WELL. My wife Hil is motivated to get up and do physical activities around the house, working in the garden, cleaning the house, moving things around, always trying to meet her goal of exercising every day. My mobility has improved, blood pressure is well down and controlled, mood, energy and zest for life is vastly improved and most of all I look forward to going to LIVE WELL. I am totally cured of my “allergy”. We are now serious advocates of LIVE WELL. The staff take such good care of our needs. They create personalized programs specific to our individual needs by supervising and monitoring sugar levels, blood pressure, setting achievable goals, educating us on healthy foods and lifestyles, while all the time encouraging us to reach better fitness levels.

Our goal is to keep attending LIVE WELL for as long as we are able with other members, who have become like family. To Join or not to Join. There is NO question!

If you wish to improve your quality of life, call Cameron for an appointment. If he could cure my “allergy”, he can surely meet your needs.

Member of the Month

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