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We are so proud to introduce Dale as October’s Member of the Month! Dale is an inspiring member at LIVE WELL Langley and we are blown away by how he has improved his health and how he continues to stay active despite COVID-19!

In late 2018, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

I was put on medication and attended diabetes school. Six months later and still struggling, a friend mentioned LIVE WELL as a structured exercise environment that helps people with chronic conditions.

After reading the website, I felt this might be a good fit for me and immediately sent an email for more information. I have never enjoyed the “gym experience” as I have always found it difficult to be motivated to go.

Since starting I have lost approximately 25 lbs and now have an A1C almost close to pre-diabetes ranges.

One of my favourite parts of attending LIVE WELL is being a part of everyone’s journey, the struggles. More importantly, we hear about their successes, which makes my day. It shows that we are not alone, and not so different from everyone else.

The beauty with LIVE WELL has been the appointment scheduling. It provided me with the momentum to continue, instead of saying I will go “later”.

Fast forward to March 2020 and Covid-19 is an issue. I was stressed out over losing access to my daily exercise, be it walking to/from work, or attending LIVE WELL. The quick setup for remote virtual sessions and weekly support check-ins with Maddison was crucial to keeping me focused on keeping up my activity. With that, I have started running again, which I never thought I would.

Now, just over 1 year in, my goal is to continue building my strength and endurance, to keep running through the winter, weather permitting.

Member of the Month

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