September 2017 Member of the Month – Melody C.

By Member of the Month

This month we have the honour of sharing Melody’s journey with the LIVE WELL Community. After reading Melody’s beautiful story, we hope it inspires you to transform your health!

I was lost. I was lost and I felt hopeless. Two and a half years ago I went to the doctor because I was tired of being overweight. I was scared because I was borderline diabetic, depressed, suffered from anxiety and was tired of being a couch potato. I tried everything: LA weight loss, Dr. Bernstein, Curves, Weight Watchers probably a dozen times since I was 20 years old. I always white-knuckled my way through them to a very short -term success. Originally I talked to my doctor about bariatric surgery, which is when she referred me to LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic.

Some Challenges I Encountered: At first it was frustrating because I came in with my “all or nothing” way of thinking and I look back at my Weight Watchers experience and that kind of thinking is what caused me to fail. I would go off my diet one day so I would give up on the whole week and I would miss the weigh-in. When I first started LIVE WELL the numbers on the scale weren’t going down, I was very upset and getting frustrated. In the past I would’ve given up but something changed, I started thinking of how great I felt after I worked out and that kept me coming back. After seeing Dr. Zentner we made some adjustments to my medications and the weight started coming off slowly. For the first time in my life I was ok with losing the weight slowly because for the first time in my life I was enjoying feeling great after a workout and not “white-knuckling” it.

What I Enjoy Most About LIVE WELL: The people at LIVE WELL make it so easy to come in every day. The staff are so encouraging and they really know their stuff. It gives me such relief to know that if there is an emergency the staff are capable of handling the situation. The atmosphere is laid back, fun and friendly. I don’t think I’ve ever walked out of LIVE WELL a day without a compliment from another member or staff.

Future Goals: Last December I completed the Honolulu marathon with the LIVE WELL team. Since then, I’ve done two half marathons and I am going back to Honolulu this December to do the marathon again. I plan on completing many more marathons in the future. I know I wouldn’t have thought of doing marathons if I didn’t join LIVE WELL.

Advice to New LIVE WELL Members: NEVER GIVE UP! When you have those mornings and you don’t feel like getting out of bed to come to your exercise session, just think of how great you will feel after your workout is done. The hardest part is getting here. Do it to feel great and the rest will follow!

How Am I Doing: March 12th, 2015 is the day started to live and it is a day I will never forget. LIVE WELL has been a life-saver for me. I honestly don’t know where I would be if I didn’t join. I was overweight and considering bariatric surgery, borderline diabetic, suffering from depression and anxiety, and could barely get off the couch. Today I’m a different, happier and a healthier person. I’ve lost 52 pounds, my blood sugar levels are normal, I rarely have anxiety, I have more good days than bad, and am actively doing marathons. Most importantly I’m a healthy role model for my children and I feel great. Exercise is my best medicine and LIVE WELL helped me realize this.

Thank you to Melody for sharing your insights. Melody reminds us all that when we are faced with challenges, exercise is truly the BEST medicine. The LIVE WELL Community will be cheering you during the Honolulu Marathon this year!

Member of the Month

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