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We are honoured to introduce Judy as September’s Member of the Month! Judy has been an incredible member at LIVE WELL Guildford for over 2 years and we are so inspired by how she has taken control of her health! We are AMAZED by what you have achieved and look forward to all your future WINs!

Ever hear of the game “Never have I ever”…’? I hear (wink wink) that it is a drinking game played by 20 something year olds.

Here is the 60+ year old version: Never have I ever…thought I would say ‘not this morning I have to go to the gym’. Never have I ever … thought I would say I go to the gym because I enjoy it.


At the age of 60 I had the discussion with my doctor about how close I am to needing knee replacement surgeries but need to lose some weight before that happens. The discussion included ‘use it or lose it’ in terms of the many joints now showing signs of arthritis. I had been doing some work with a personal trainer and some aquafit classes but when you have drop in options the get up and go just wasn’t enough to keep me motivated. It was easy to make the excuses and not go. Enter the discussion about LIVE WELL. My doctor was familiar with the programme and I had seen the ads on Facebook so off I went with the referral. I am not known for doing things half way so after the initial meeting I signed up for three times a week and haven’t looked back since. I just signed my 3rd contract. I have two t-shirts and am quickly approaching my third.

Looking back at where I started I am amazed at how far I have come, how much stronger I am and the things I can do now. I am no athlete and never had any desire to be one but I can box with dumbbells and so much more. The really amazing thing for me is while I still have arthritis in many joints the mobility in my right knee has improved so much that it is no longer under consideration for surgery. There are a number of other benefits as well - my blood pressure medication has been reduced by half and it is likely to be gone entirely by the end of the year. I have lost weight and the inches gone amaze even me. You know when you are standing in the bathroom dressing to go to the gym and a sneeze catches you off guard and you look down and your gym shorts are down around your ankles that the hard work is paying off - not that I am complaining. It really isn’t a bad problem to have but it certainly sets you back a bit of time searching for something to wear.

I am so much stronger than I was and have found out that while I am not particularly a competitive person I find I have to push myself. The ever changing workout program keeps things from getting boring and hey the music is good. I have learned that you should never say change it all when it is time for a programme review. That’s a mistake, a very big mistake and never say how much you hate an exercise because it will be on the next card with an additional twist. Someone in that office has a cruel streak I am sure.

The best part of LIVE WELL Guildford is the staff. At the best of times they are attentive, intuitive, personable and entertaining. During some of the challenges that 2020 has brought us I have faced some very personal difficulties. I have found Sue and Karl to be very caring individuals and can honestly say how very very touched I have been by the support I received. I know I am in the right place in the right time and made a most excellent life changing choice when I stepped through the doors of LIVE WELL that day more than 2 years ago.

Member of the Month

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