At LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic, our aim is to teach our members to take better care of their bodies. We coach our members on how to incorporate exercise into their lives, what exercises will challenge them yet are safe for their bodies and any health conditions they might have, how to eat healthy, fresh and whole foods to fuel their body and help them lose weight if needed.

But we also like to have a little fun inside our clinics and encourage our members to exercise and stretch outside of their sessions with us.

Fitness Fridays is a weekly feature at all of our seven current locations. Staff shoot a short video to post for their members and the public on their clinic’s Facebook page. Our clinical exercise physiologists demonstrate an exercise or posture to strengthen or stretch a group of muscles or area of the boy. Often one of our members is involved to demonstrate!

Bookmark this page and check back every Friday for a new video you can watch and try from the comfort of your home, wherever you may be. One week it might be from the team in Langley, another week it may come from Surrey-Guildford. You can benefit from their collective expertise right here on this one blog.

This week, Luke from our Toronto-Yorkdale location shows us some excellent stretches for our gluteus maximus, medius and minimus muscles (essentially our butts) and our hips.

Thanks to LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic Yorkdale for this video!

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